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    Used Underwear...Get Your Used Underwear...

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - In the latest act of sanitizing New York's mean streets, lawmakers want to rid the city of a scourge most people are not even aware of -- previously worn lingerie being sold as new merchandise.

    Council members are mulling the proposed legislation after watching a local television news broadcast which claimed leading department stores, including Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy's, had tried to resell returned undergarments.

    Under current law, stores do not have to state whether undergarments on sale, including women's panties and thongs, have been bought and returned, although certain stores have developed their own policies.

    "This is a major consumer and health issue in that the amount of bacteria that can be transported from one person to another in just one wearing can be a health hazard," said council member Tony Avella.

    "When you talk about it people start to giggle as it is a tough subject to discuss."

    Spokeswoman Elina Kazan said Macy's does not sell worn undergarments and posts signs in changing rooms that intimate apparel should not be tried on for size on top of bare skin.

    "We train our associates to inspect the merchandise upon return and if in salable condition, return it to the sales floor," she said. "Any items that are soiled ... are not returned to the floor."


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    In Florida stores are not permitted to take return of bathing suits or undies.
    If you buy it ....its yours.

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    That's just gross, IMO. I'll stick with packaged undies thank you very much! LOL

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    used thongs returned to the rack for resale??
    just say no to crack!
    butt crack!
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