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    Man hangs himself while thousands of people watch online

    Marcin Wojcek, 27, from Zagorz, southern Poland, told web users it was his birthday and he planned to kill himself before calmly stringing himself up.

    One horrified witness called police who found him dead in his bedroom after tracking down his home address.

    Police are now investigating how many watched Marcin die on YouTube and if any encouraged him to kill himself.


    The part im not sure about is how it got posted if he died

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    Oh, my. This just happened a couple of months ago here in the states.
    How sad.
    "Lost is not alone..." T. Miller, Founder TES (and MY HERO!!!)

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    Im afraid its pretty inevitable that this is going to become a fairly common phenomenon.
    Ive no doubt well have our first online murder/suicide before long and God knows what else.
    If the technology is there someone will find a way to do something wrong and sick with it.

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