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    NV - Jennifer Casper Ross, 30, Reno, 5 May 2005

    This beautiful Girl simply vanished on the 5th Of May 2005 050505 !

    (is there are clue in that ?)

    Jennifer has a history of mental problems, alcohol and drugs and marital problems.
    She was married and had a 3 year old son at the time of her disappearance
    Her husband has been ruled out as a suspect.

    This is how she looked just before she went missing

    But you can see all her other looks here


    and Here


    Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

    # Missing Since: May 5, 2005 from Reno, Nevada
    # Classification: Endangered Missing
    # Date Of Birth: April 30, 1975
    # Age: 30
    # Height: 5'9"
    # Weight: 130 lbs.
    # Hair Color: Brown
    # Eye Color: Brown
    # Race: White
    # Gender: Female
    # Distinguishing Characteristics: Blonde highlights
    in hair. Double pierced ears, pierced navel with ring,
    tattoo of the initials "J.G." on right foot, previously
    fractured tail bone.

    # Medical Conditions: Requires medication; history
    of alcohol and drug abuse. Suffers from bipolar disorder
    and may be suicidal.
    # Clothing: Tan sweater, blue jeans, carrying a red
    shoulder bag, no shoes.
    # Jewelry: Wedding ring.
    # NCIC Number: M-554898110
    # Case Number: 05-17391
    # DNA: Yes

    Details of Disappearance
    On the night of May 5, 2005, Jennifer walked to the Peppermill Hotel and Casino in Reno, Nevada, where she drank with a friend. People said they saw slash marks on her wrist and arms. At approximately 5 a.m., she used his cell phone to call her father, telling him she needed to see him in Las Vegas. She then took a cab to a Reno taxi business on Gentry, hoping to see her mother, who worked there. Jennifer left when she learned her mother was not there. It has been reported that she was last seen in downtown Reno, fleeing barefoot from a taxi driver. She was reportedly intoxicated and couldn't pay her fare. Jennifer was reported missing the following day by her husband.
    Jennifer's husband found notes she left behind, one covered in blood, directing who could see her son if something happened to her and directing that her possessions go to her husband. Police have confirmed through DNA and handwriting analysis that she wrote the note and that it was covered in her own blood.

    Jennifer was taking several psychotropic medications, which, according to her family, she mixed with drugs and alcohol.

    The most outstanding thing about Jennifer was her broken tailbone. Which should make it easy to identify her if she was found

    This girl was just beautiful and trying so hard to battle her demons within but was involved in a sleazy world of drugs and alcohol and the life of stripping where undesirables were around her. Its such a sad story

    In 2001, Casper-Ross was inducted into the National Deans List at University of Nevada, Reno for maintaining a 3.9 grade point average. She had majored in veterinary medicine but switched to bio-medical engineering. She was awarded the NASA national space grant college and fellowship program in 2000 while attending Truckee Meadows Community College. She never earned her degree.
    From here http://www.crimeandjustice.us/forums...showtopic=8371

    Her little boy growing up with out his mother and her family not knowing what happened to her

    There is also this my space page to her and more photos on here including her little boy and some family


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    Someone on UTUBE did this video piece asking is it Human Trafficking going on with these missing girls.....with pics of their faces including Jessica Foster another missing girl I have been reading up on

    Along with Linday Harris

    Who coincidentally ??? Also disappeared the SAME DAY as Jennifer the 5th of May 2005 From HENDERSON - NEVADA
    But whose remains were found on the 23rd May 05

    Harris, 21, disappeared from Henderson, Nevada on May 5, 2005. On May 23 of that year, her remains were found in wooded area off Interstate 15, south of Springfield, Illinois. The body was not identified until May 2008, however. Authorities stated Harris's death was a homicide and it remains under investigation.
    Read here about Lindsay on AMW http://www.amw.com/missing_persons/case.cfm?id=31826

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    Bumpity Bump

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    After four years, Reno showgirl's disappearance remains a 'nagging mystery'

    Things haven’t changed much the last four years for the family of Jennifer Rayleen Casper-Ross, a former showgirl who mysteriously disappeared in Reno on May 5, 2005.
    They remain heartbroken, confused and go back and forth between holding out hope, and thinking the worst.
    “We need closure and we need some peace,” said her mother, Carla Brown, of Utah. “I don’t want to bury my daughter if she’s still alive. It’s like I’m looking for my daughter and also looking for her grave site.”
    Brown said if her daughter remains alive and is possibly suffering from amnesia, national attention about her disappearance is her only chance to get her back.
    “Maybe someone who sees her somewhere will recognize her and call us,” she said.
    Last May Brown traveled to Reno handing out fliers detailing information about the last time Casper-Ross was seen in downtown Reno hoping to find some answers.
    So far, there have been no clues.

    More at link:

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    Mom continues search for missing daughter Jennifer Casper-Ross


    By Jaclyn O'Malley jomalley@rgj.com October 23, 2010

    This story originally appeared Sept. 14, 2008. The case is still unsolved

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    Don't know why- but I STRONGLY feel she is Pacifica Jane doe. The resemblance is uncanny- especially for the time period Jennifer was potentially on the streets. She isn't on the NAMUS rule out list for Jane doe either. They are same height and weight- Both had extensive orthodontic work done. Both had mental illness- Reno isn't very fair from Pacifica... (about a 5 hour trip) And get this- even though Pacifica Jane doe was believed to have died in March of 2006, they found her 6/6/06- Jennifer disappeared 5/5/05. Super weird! Anyone have any thoughts? I'd really like to get closure for Jennifer's mom Carla and son.

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    "Ten years later family still asks: Where is Reno's Jennifer Casper-Ross?"


    .....it's believed Jennifer made the decision to catch a cab to Gentry Way. That is where the headquarters of the Reno-Sparks Cab Company is located. It is where her mother would have normally been working, graveyard. Carla Casper-Brown said, "So I worked from 11 to 7 a.m. So, she thought I was at work." Unfortunately, that night her mother was off. Investigators say they believe Jennifer set off again, alone, on foot just before sunrise sometime around 5:30 a.m. Salter said, "She was last seen walking westbound on Gentry. It's one of those cases where we really don't have much. She's just gone. She simply vanished."

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    Jennifer is still missing Facebook for Jennifer Rayleen Casper Ross:


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