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    $200,000.00 Diamond disappears from Car Wreck

    Jaguar's Formula One team had tried to bring a little extra sparkle to yesterday's Monaco grand prix. Embedded in the nose cone of two of its cars was a button-sized diamond, as part of a promotion for the forthcoming Hollywood film Ocean's 12.

    But Jaguar's afternoon lost its shine when the Austrian driver Christian Klien crashed his car and the £140,000 gem vanished.

    Amid accusations of a publicity stunt, investigators were searching for the missing jewel last night.

    Klien, 20, making his debut on the calendar's trickiest circuit, ploughed his green Jaguar into the barriers at the Mirabeau corner on the opening lap.

    The car, with the flawless diamond the size of a shirt button set into a steel ring, was lifted off the track where it sat for nearly two hours. When it arrived at the Jaguar garage a mechanic discovered that its most valuable component was missing.

    Klien said: "That will be the most expensive drive I'll ever take around Monte Carlo."

    A diamond had been attached to Klien's car and that of his teammate Mark Webber as publicity for the sequel to the Hollywood hit Ocean's 11, starring George Clooney.


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    I couldn't believe they're stupid enough to do this - taught them a very good lesson, imo.

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    I bet it was a CZ..... Or a publicity stunt.
    Oceans 11 was about a heist afterall.

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