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    Quote Originally Posted by cloudajo View Post
    I respectfully disagree. If you watch the whole interview, it's clear that Drew Kesse is frustrated by the mis-handling of the case by the OPD and what his family has been put through for years. He says polygraphs from them would be a waste of taxpayer money. He's simply telling it like it is.

    The FBI is reviewing the 1,100 leads that have come into the Orlando Police Department. Things were lost, misplaced, and things weren't done properly. The OPD took 3-1/2 years to take a statement from Drew and his wife.

    The OPD gave up and will no longer speak to the Kesse's. It's an outrage in my opinion.

    It IS an outrage!! This father has every right to be angry and frustrated about the handling of Jennifer's case! Knowing what we know of the way the case was bungled from the start, I could never judge him!
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    The Kesse family have had to keep Jennifer's name in the public eye all by themselves. They have stated that the PPD will not even talk to them anymore.

    When agencies make mistakes and mishandle cases they almost never take accountablity and accept responsibility. Instead they lash out at the very people they are suppose to be helping. This seems to have been done in Jennifer's case. The Kesse's have continued to put pressure on the PPD and the PPD does not like it.

    Listen to the frustration in his voice. He knows what is going on. He is desperate to find his daughter. IMO, the PPD is desperate to stop the Kesse's from speaking out.

    Another example.........A few days ago there was an arrest in the case of a missing young woman, Lynsie Ekelund. She has been missing for almost ten years. She was murdered the very night she went missing by a young man.

    Lynsie's mother did everything she could to find out what happened to her daughter. The PPD actually treated her like a criminal, at one point digging up her yard years later. They should have been on the same side.
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