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    The Daily Camera

    I'm hoping Tricia won't mind that I stole her post from FFJ. But hey, she owns the place and if she wants to remove it, she can (but I hope she won't)


    'Cyber sleuths' counter Ramsey campaign

    A group of "cyber sleuths" who say they are dedicated to uncovering the truth about the 1996 slaying of JonBenet Ramsey have set up a Web site to counter John Ramsey's campaign for the Michigan state Legislature.

    Ramsey, who moved from Boulder to Atlanta after the death of his 6-year-old daughter, is running for the House of Representatives in Michigan, where the family has since moved. His campaign Web site is at www.supportramsey.com.

    An opposing site, www.supportramseytruth.com, was announced Wednesday by Tricia Griffith, a Utah woman who has petitioned Gov. Bill Owens to appoint a special prosecutor for the unsolved Ramsey case.
    That was really quick. Go get 'em Tricia
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    Barbara, thanks for bringing the article over here. Wow, fast is right...and to think the press coverage is just beginning.

    I'm looking forward to hearing about the Ramseys' and Wood's response to the website. Great work, Tricia, ACR and Watching You, and anyone else who helped set up the site.


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