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    Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation - new thread

    I don't know if the mods will allow this thread, but I'll try it. The original threads on the CMA Foundation were closed and locked. I feel that the CMA Foundation is an issue once again because it was included in a eulogy/obit/announcement/ whatever you want to call it which was published in the Orlando Sentinel today, stated to have been written by Cindy.
    Because of this outpouring of compassion, the family will continue to honor Caylee's memory by establishing the Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation. The foundation's purpose will be to continue to generate awareness for missing children and to establish programs to assist in the well-being of those children in need of comfort and support during difficult and stressful times.
    Some feel that discussing anything in this piece that is not respectful in the eulogy thread. I hope we can discuss it here.

    My problem with the CMAF is that Cindy attempted to start the foundation back in October. An earlier thread had a link that showed Cindy had filed for the business name "Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation Inc." in October. Please note that they started forming the idea for the CMAF long before Caylee's body was found. This is curious to me.


    Apparently, since Cindy mentions the CMAF in her eulogy, they have gotten the CMAF off the ground. Can we be allowed to discuss the foundation WITHOUT discussing FUNDS (hard to do, I know) which is why the other threads were closed.

    My sour points on this CMAF are:
    • As I said above, why would you start a foundation when you are hot in the search for your granddaughter? There's enough to do without organizing a foundation.
    • Why do we need another missing child foundation? There are so many good ones in existence already.
    • Why include this info in a "eulogy". Why tell people that you are starting a foundation within a eulogy? Is it up and running? Is it accepting donations, volunteers? It was like an announcement. Just strangely not quite in place.

    It is NOT that I think that Caylee is not deserving of being memorialized by such a foundation, but some things about it just do not gel to me, not the least of which are the people that the Anthonys have thrown in with such as KF and that woman who was the spokesperson for a while.
    "Leave her to heaven and to those thorns that in her bosom lodge to prick and sting her."
    Hamlet by William Shakespeare

    In context, the quote was meant to advise against revenge but in the Anthony case,
    I offer it to the parents as advice to "leave her to Heaven" and cease their ill-placed protection.

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    as far as I know, this is not a topic that is open for discussion at this time.

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