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    Massive CA Prisoner Release?

    Federal judges on Monday tentatively ordered California to release tens of thousands of inmates, up to a third of all prisoners, in the next three years to stop dangerous overcrowding. As many as 57,000 could be let go if the current population were cut by the maximum percentage considered by a three-judge panel. Judges said the move could be done without threatening public safety -- and might improve a public safety hazard.
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    "The state has a number of options, including reform of the earned credit and parole systems, that would serve to reduce the population of the prison to whatever percentage is ultimately determined to be appropriate without adversely affecting public safety," the judges wrote.
    The panel ordered the state to consult with the prisoners' lawyers to consider what actions to take.

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    The prison overcrowding situation in Oregon is also a growing concern. The people of Oregon voted for more mandatory sentencing for crimes, but there aren't funds or prisons to put the prisoners when they are sentenced! Obviously we won't be able to house them in next door in California, will we?

    My fear is that as the economy continues to plunge, crimes will increase and the means to fund criminal housing will continue to decrease.

    Oh me oh my....

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    With the population of the US growing so much, people need to stop opposing the building of newer, larger, and better designed prisons, and more of them. And yes, there has always been opposition to that. Some states cannot afford it, such as California, thanks to their $42 billion deficit, but other states can. It's a nice thought to reduce crime, but as I said, with the population as large as it is, even a lower crime rate would lead to these outdated prisons being beyond capacity.

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    Oh my! That certainly isn't good news!
    This post is my opinion only unless supported with a link.


    MISSING SINCE 6 NOVEMBER 2011 when his mother ALLEGEDLY left him in a locked car.
    She has been uncooperative with law enforcement and has seemingly moved on with her life.


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    Get everyone's DNA first.

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