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    Getting Away With Murder, Not Once, But Twice?

    Hi guys this is a great blog written by Susan Murphy-Milano an advocate for battered women about this case: http://womenincrimeink.blogspot.com/...-once-but.html

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    Great article!

    There are 2 things I found in that article - in addition to it simply being right on.

    First, I have posted here more than once info regarding a case that I saw on TV about a prosecutor who prosecuted a case where a pregnant woman leading a life that wouldn't have put her in harms way, was murdered by shotgun in broad daylight. At the supposed time of the murder, her husband is on videotape with their son shopping. However, the prosecutor convinced a jury - 9 years later - that her husband was the only one who would have benefited from her death. She won. Well, that prosecutor's photo is listed on the side of the page of 'WOMEN IN CRIME LINK." Her name is Kelly Siegler and she's listed as a Prosecutor For Hire. I say they should hire her in the Kathleen case. This woman is a relentless pitbull. She has won all 15 cold cases that she has tried.

    Second, the article makes a statement that I believe is absolutely correct and absolutely critical. Before I tell you that statement, I'll state again that in my opinion, Drew had a murder plan for Stacy - in case he needed it. What I mean is that by being a detective and a member of SWAT, he was not only a policeman, but a student. He learned criminal ways and a man like Drew who has committed numerous crimes and thought he was entitled to do so, was a student who learned. Since he was able to hide Stacy so well, I think he had a grave already prepared. It's so gruesome to contemplate, but somebody who could murder does things the rest of us couldn't contemplate.

    As we all know by now, he and Stacy were having problems and he may not have really wanted to kill her, but he felt that he HAD to - to protect his financial situation and to keep him out of jail (since Stacy apparently knew he murdered Kathleen).

    So the article states that "Speaking of case files, I am confident if Illinois State Police Investigators reviewed one by one each of Drew Peterson's arrest and case files over his 29-year law enforcement career, they would no doubt uncover important information and clues in solving one or both of these cases."

    I believe she is absolutely correct; I can feel it.
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