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    Cold cases/Missing persons in Michigan

    Good morning,

    I hope this is not an inappropriate request...

    I am doing research on cold cases/missing persons in Michigan for Dr. David Schock, the former Hope College professor who made the documentary "Who Killed Janet Chandler?" We are trying to get cold cases/persons listed on his site, www.delayedjustice.com

    If anyone has the time or inclination, would you please check out:


    It has a listing of those we have so far, but information is scanty on some, and I'm sure there are a lot of others I haven't found yet. His hope is that the site will bring leads to help law enforcement solve these case. Thank you.

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    Michigan only?

    I am assuming you are only interested in cases from Michigan...is this correct?

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    You can visit the website of Michigan Does, I forget the complete address.

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    Thanks to all of you for the info.

    Yes, so far it is only Michigan. There are so many cold cases out there; so many families grieving...

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