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    2009.01.09 - Michelle M Interview

    Michele M.
    A name we haven't heard much of, in doc dump. How close a friend is she to KC/Lee/ the Anth family?

    She was on KC's SIM card, other than that, what do we know?

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    Who is this new player? Also, who wants to take a wager that the emotional breakdown happened sometime near her "miscarriage with Brandon"
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    OT/ but,i have to comment/thank

    Capri-Thank-You for the belly roll laugh, when i just saw your post

    Now... Who is this chick?

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    In one of her interview with her parents in jail. She stated
    Michelle M had sent her a book. I wondered at the time who she was.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shotzie View Post
    In one of her interview with her parents in jail. She stated
    Michelle Murphy had sent her a book. I wondered at the time who she was.
    Good catch shotzie, i do remember that, now that you jogged the nogen.hmm

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    IIRC, she may have been on the jail visitation log. Haven't found that yet, to document, though.

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    More on MM at Sentinel...

    10:49 a.m.Casey Anthony complained to a family friend about having a bad relationship with her father, George Anthony, documents show.

    The friend is Michelle M., Lee Anthony's old roommate and long-time friend of the Anthony family.

    On two different occasions, Lee and George Anthony told Murphy that Cindy and George Anthony were considering getting custody of Caylee, the report said.

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    TV Guy Hal Boedeker's commentary on the Casey Anthony case coverage In Feburary 2007, Casey Anthony allegedly had a miscarriage from a man named Brandon Snow. None of her friends, including Annie Downing or Murphy, believed this was true.

    In March 2007, shortly after the alleged miscarriage, Anthony called Murphy and told her she was feeling "crazy" and was considering getting "herself committed," the report said. Anthony had "imagined this life with Brandon [Snow] and that she was supposed to have this baby in October," according to the report.

    Anthony also said she didn't feel like she was being a good mom to Caylee, but did not elaborate on details to Murphy. When Murphy called the following day to check on the situation, Anthony blew her off.
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    Michelle M. interview Jan 19, 2009

    I listened to the interview and typed it out as I listened.
    Michelle M. Audio Interview Jan 19, 2009

    1. Knew the Anthony family since Lee was in 1st grade.
    2. Reconnected with Lee in Jr High, met the rest of the family.
    3. Lived with Lee at the Eagle Feather address with other roommates – B.Lufkin in 2008.
    4. Caylee was very attached to her mother, would not let Casey leave her site. Always wanted Casey to hold her.
    5. Thought Casey worked for Universal as a event coordinator.
    6. She used “working” at the SA to not hang out with M Murphy.
    7. Michelle witnessed Caylee having separation anxiety from Casey. Casey could not make it into the next room. Caylee would get upset.
    8. Casey did not bring Caylee over to the house very often.
    9. Michelle attended Caylee’s second birthday. Cindy was more in charge of the festivies. Seemed to her they were competing over Caylee. Cindy was controlling. Cindy was trying to run the show.
    10. Michelle said Casey was afraid of disappointing her mother. When Casey supposedly got pregnant with BS kid, or the party she wanted to throw at the house.
    11. Common knowledge that she did not really have a job. Nobody ever called her on her lies.Tiny lies, hard to call her out on it.
    12. Argue with her dad a lot.
    13. She knows that Lee mentioned that Cindy mentioned getting custody of Caylee. Getting custody of Caylee was being discussed since Caylee was 2. George mentioned at the vigil to Michelle that he wondered if Caylee would still be here if they had gotten custody.
    14. She can’t remember if Cindy found out about the pregnancy with B.Snow before or after the miscarriage. But Cindy was pissed. Like furious pissed.
    15. Father of Caylee was somehow she had a one-night stand with in Ohio at an amusement park.
    16. Michelle heard from Lee one time Cindy supposedly took Casey out of a TGIFriday’s when she first heard.
    17. Casey called Michelle in March of 07. She was feeling crazy thinking about getting herself committed. She had a “housewife” plan in her mind, living on base with B Snow. Didn’t feel like she was a good enough mother. Talked about a good hour and a half. Talked about costs- insurance. Casey was home with Caylee at the time, Caylee was watching cartoons. Michelle offered to come over and help her. Michelle assumed it was from the miscarriage. She thinks Cindy confronted her. Part of Michelle thinks it was a ploy to get sympathy, because the next day Casey acted like it was no big deal and everything was okay.
    18. Michelle did not confide in Lee as she did not want to betray Casey’s confidence.
    19. Michelle never heard the name Zenaida or of a nanny.
    20. Cindy and George watched Caylee for Casey.

    21. When Lee tried to confront Casey at the Dragon Room. Lee went to go look for Casey. Lee did some sleuthing on her MySpace page.. around July 3. Casey was posting pictures on the internet. Casey posted pictures of herself wearing a black tank top. It was not Fusion but a sports bar. The pictures were there and then “she must deleted them.” Casey was posing with a black guy. The pictures were taken later than the one with her in the purple dress.

    22. Lee was sleuthing and found out she was going to be at the Dragon room. Mallory went with Lee. Casey got wind that Lee was coming and split. Mallory and Casey texted back and forth and Mallory said they missed and just wanted to see her and Caylee.

    23. Last time Michelle saw Casey or Caylee was in August of 07. The talked on Facebook and MySpace.

    24. They did not get together because she knew Casey would make up an excuse and back out of it. Stayed friendly just to be civil.
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    Bumping up

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    I just read the full transcripts of her interview with LE. Does anyone else find "odd" her use of the word "sleuthing" when referring to Lee checking out Facebook and Myspace to find KC? Lee has always used the terminology "investigating, conducting my own investigation, checking things out". Why does this strike me as important?????? Because it may "suggest" that WS and our research here was on everyone's radar very early on. We knew about threads retrieved from the Anthony trash but when she uses "sleuthing" the hair on my arms stands up. Was this her word or his???? Hmmmmmmmmmmm Was this how he originally described his actions? As sleuthing per se?? Or was the word used because after he started checking websleuths out....his terminology changed and that may suggest a later additional convo she had with him about the situation but before her interview. As in getting story straight.......what are you going to tell LE? Etc.....JMO

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    I bet MM is letting her calls go to voicemail today! the A's must be

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    IMO I found her to be one of the more honest people that at one time were "friends" to the A's. I agree with essies...all her calls are going to VM!

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    How in the world did I miss the audio of this way back when?

    I agree, she seems to be one of the most honest of anyone they've interviewed. Seems she portrays the family the same way I figured they really were prior to Caylee disappearing...
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    Michelle M. Interview 1/19/09 Audio

    Audio of Michelle M. Interview conducted 1/19/09

    p1/4 - Michelle Murphy Police Interview - Casey / Caylee Marie Anthony Homicide Case

    p2/4 - Michelle Murphy Police Interview - Casey / Caylee Marie Anthony Homicide Case

    p3/4 - Michelle Murphy Police Interview - Casey / Caylee Marie Anthony Homicide Case

    p4/4 - Michelle Murphy Police Interview - Casey / Caylee Marie Anthony Homicide Case

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    I thought it was very interesting that this is the first person we have heard from who speaks about Casey working alot from her mother's laptop and being sick a lot of the time (Casey's excuses as to why she wasn't physically at work). The truth is refreshing !

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