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    Technical/Computer Help with Doc Release

    When the documents get released, there are always always problems with people being unable to download or see something, and the questions often get lost. I think we should have one thread to post those "how do i... are they on docstop... how do i enlarge..." questions, and if there are any tech-savy WSers who can check once in a while to offer help? One place with answers might also serve as a reference, so we can search the title of this thread when we have a question in the future-

    1st...Does anyone know how to download/save these as PDFs on a mac? Usually on windows there is just a little "save" button at the top. Thanks!!

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    I'm in the IT field, and would be happy to check in every now and then, if the mods are okay with this thread.

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    I can only tell you what has worked for me. I went to WFTV and clicked on the first document - it came up in PDF format. On the top far left corner of the document is an icon you can click on that will save the file for you. Just decide where you want it to go on your computer. I downloaded all the reports and then read them with my Adobe reader at my own pace. Don't know if that would work on a Mac, but worth a try.
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    Adobe Reader for Mac:


    Additionally, I uploaded todays doc files to http://flawebhosting.net/docdump021809/

    All you have to do is right click and download.
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    Im on a mac also. Just click on the little diskette in the upper left hand corner.
    It will pop up a window asking what you want to save the doc as and to what
    location. Hope I helped.....
    If you have anymore q's just ask

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