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    5 yr old boys remains found inside crocodile


    My heart and prayers go out to this family. I know they are grieving but what was a small child doing wandering around where there are crocodiles?
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    Maybe if every parent were required to read these threads they'd be a little more protective of their children.

    My prayers are with the family also. I'm sure they feel guilty for letting him out of their sight.

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    I read that this family does not want any retaliation taken against the gators.

    They must be devastated...

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    My heart goes out to the parents. Certainly can't blame the family. I could see my 5 year old running after our dog into the ocean where there are sharks.
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    From the reports I've read down here in Australia, crocs do not usually inhabit the area where the little boy was taken. The croc's presence was apparently due to the severe flooding that is occurring over the top end.

    Very sad and tragic.

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