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    FL - Citrus Co., WhtMale 1012UMFL, 60-70, burned alive, pipe smoker, Jun'85

    Anyone have anything on this case?

    CCSO Case # 85-06-1115 Name: Unknown (John Doe) Incident Date: June 14, 1985 Age: 60 to 70 Race/Sex W/M Circumstances: On June, 14,1985 the body of a white male was discovered on County Road 490, east of Rock Crusher road. The body had been beaten and set on fire while still alive. At the time of his death the victim was wearing black pants, white shirt, black boots and a windbreaker. The victim had white hair, blue eyes and pronounced body hair on his shoulders and chest. The victim had no teeth and sutures in his lower lip that indicated recent oral surgery.


    Might be a longshot but have been looking at case of Ronnie Henderson
    missing since May 31, 1985 from Naples, Collier County, Florida. Ronnie was a boat captain out of Marco Island and left on a fishing trip - never returned. Possible that he was a victim/participant in a drug pickup offshore in the Gulf and ended up being murdered. The UID composite may not be much to go on as the UID was burned - the dentals could be easy enough to check against Ronnie to see if he had oral surgery of that kind.

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    The distance between counties appears to be about 3+ hours, but it looks like a straight shot down the gulf coast?

    The two men have similarities and the sutures that indicate oral surgery could fit as Ronnie Henderson looks to have a downturned mouth and it looks like a little "sinking" in his jawline (like a person who doesn't have bottom teeth).

    I'll let others voice their opinions on this- I'm just a novice (and my eyes get weary).

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    There is a discrepancy in the eye color, the UID has light blue and the MP brown eyes.

    The UID has degenerative joint disease of spine

    The Namus version of his clothing is,
    blue pants; possibly remains of metal helmet
    black lace up shoes; light blue socks

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