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    Casey and Zanny... drugging little Caylee?

    Mods, if this is inappropriate as a thread, please feel free to remove it - however, I have been wondering this all along and thought I would get some other input on the fact that there are theories that Casey may have "accidentally" killed Caylee with too much Xanax or other meds that put the baby to sleep - a theory I completely disagree with.

    I do not believe that Casey did this accidentally, nor do I feel she ever drugged her child and put her in the trunk so she could party in the past.

    I believe that whatever she gave Caylee, she gave to her with the purpose of killing her baby girl, and I don't believe she ever used the "sleep" meds in the past, but I want to hear other sleuthers theories on drugging the child to sleep, and why anyone feels this could have been an accidental death?

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    welcome seebra. There are lots of threads on this very topic. Please feel free to search and bump. thanks!

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