TOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) - Feeling frisky but forgot to get condoms? If you're in Sweden, fret not. Protection is on its way. Hoping to increase the awareness of contraception and stem the spread of sexually transmitted disease, the Swedish Organization for Sexual Education, or RFSU, said Thursday it plans to deliver condoms by car in a hurry.

Using the name Cho-San Express, the organization will have four cars loaded with condoms patrolling the streets of the capital, Stockholm, along with a pair of vehicles each in Goteborg and Malmoe, Sweden's second and third-biggest cities.

For people in the mood but without any contraception, they can call the express and have a 10-pack of condoms delivered for the equivalent of $9 Cdn. Ten-packs sell for $9.42 Cdn at a state-owned pharmacy.

"With this campaign, we believe that the RFSU will reach young people with a humorous twinkle in their eye," said spokesman Carl Osvald. "It's our hope that the contraceptive will be perceived as a fun sex accessory and not just as a way to protect against infectious, sexually transmitted diseases."