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    Man Admits He Does Not Have Evil Twin

    I find this really funny.

    "It was one of the oddest things to have ever happened in my courtroom," Clinger said of Labelle's court appearance in April 2004.
    Labelle claimed that day that he wasn't the person wanted for a probation violation on a grand-theft conviction.
    He said the person responsible was his brother - Robert William Labelle Jr. - who had previously used his brother's name to commit crimes. Michael Labelle claimed he had been wrongly arrested three times in different states on warrants meant for his twin.
    "With twins, they always say you have a good and evil twin," Labelle said during the hearing. "He's the evil one."
    Labelle claimed the brothers shared the same fingerprints and both had received tattoos of a panther on their left shoulders when they turned 18.
    However, Deputy Prosecutor A.J. Anglin presented expert testimony that even identical twins have different fingerprints. He also presented Labelle's birth certificate, which indicated a single birth.
    Labelle was adamant about having an identical twin, but he could not show any evidence the brother actually existed."
    Now, five years later, the incarcerated Labelle admits he made up the story about having an evil twin . . .

    Labelle still maintains he has a twin brother, but his twin was not the one wanted for the probation violation . . .
    "I was the evil one," Labelle said"

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    Wow. Just wow

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    My brother has an evil twin.

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    Um, yeah.
    Why now? Did he think they'd let him off for finally confessing of something?
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