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    Lavanda! The banner brought tears to my eyes!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreamweaver View Post

    I was checking the TN missing children list and Adrianna is not on it.
    Why is that?
    Which list are you looking at, Dream? I've checked all that I've come across and she's been on them?

    I sure hope they didn't take her OFF anything!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreamweaver View Post
    Joey B's story:
    There could be an element of truth in his first statements:
    I read in articles,
    he drove her to a drugstore, but it was closed.
    Then he drove her to the Exxon station and dropped the two of them off,
    but he waited around to see what would happen and he says they got into
    a white car and left.

    If there was even a smidge of truth in that statement, is it that
    he did drop them off in that area of town?
    The Exxon gas station dumpster?
    Or across the street from the Exxon station, where they were supposedly picked up by the white car person?
    Or even the closed drugstore area?

    I do not know that town at all.
    Do any locals think that this could have happened?
    I've written Kathy and asked her to come in and help me answer questions for you :-) I'll do my best in the meantime.

    Joey has changed his story a couple of times. However, he seems to have stuck to the Exxon drop-off story. The person(s) working there say they did not see Jenn and Nina nor did they see the white car.

    Something that has always been in my mind and only mine is that Jenn told Kathy (or her aunt...can't remember which for sure) that she and Joey had been fighting, but Joey was planning on taking her and Nina for a picnic. I'd love to know where he would have planned on picnicing...has always been on my mind....

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreamweaver View Post
    Joey B, from all accounts, does not strike me as a person who would
    work hard digging a hole in the ground.
    (I am thinking of CA, Orlando, FL)

    But might have just taken the easiest possible way out of trouble he caused.

    Unless the property has old wells or sinkholes or old septics or old outhouses or
    caves or old barns with flooring that could be taken up.

    Weather that day in 2004. Not too bad.
    There were some posters on the Topix thread that seem to have agreed with you, actually! They made comments that they believe Joey's parents were actually involved in hiding Jenn and Nina...

    Remember the family compound consists of many acres. It has NOT been searched completely due to lack of cooperation from Joey's family.

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    The whole case is just Odd! I can't believe how LE is handleing this case! I have emailed that Det, twice, never got even an acknowledgement that he received either and in fact heard from someone who had called him that he had gotten two rude emails. Since it was with in a day or so of my last email, I have to think he was talking about me and what I emailed was far from rude. Also hard to believe that LE went along with the B's not allowing a through search...they did allow it on certain part of the property just not ALL of the property. It is said that the Grandmother is the "leader" and what she says goes. It is also said that the folks on this compound, exchange properties ( meaning it goes under some one else's name) on a regular basis, apparently to avoid paying taxes for what the value of the property is actually worth? As far as Joey, since this all happened, the word is the parents have kept him close and he has not dated since. (hmmmmm) BUT in the past yr suddenly he works "out of town alot" The topix thread is a true mystery. ( Thankfully we have almost all of it copied) and also very odd that Joe Benton and all his various alias's went poof in the same time frame. Along with various family members. They had all been there daily! Makes you wonder...

    On another note concerning LE, This appears to be a "good ole boy" area and TBI won't get involved with out being asked. The Sherriff is a older ( 80's) man who retired as a State Trooper( not sure of rank) and he is a neighbor of the B's. Since Joe B hates LE we have to believe that does not come into the picture BUT, it could. This whole case has been swept under the carpet by LE or so it seems.

    There was also a fight with Joey's parents ( when Jenn last talked to her Mother she mentioned that Cindy had screamed and yelled at her and Joe had always been nice but had turned on her) not postive but I think this was the night before they were last heard from. I personally have always thought that some how THIS fight is part of the mystery.

    The whole time this poor Mother ( Kathy/Mimi) is left to wonder and worry. It isn't right!

    all my own opinions

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    Almost forgot...........there was also the phone call to Joey's work having him come home early ( which the B family now deny) I think this was the day after the fight I mentioned above.

    Another ODD thing....Joe B says that Jenn had made a lot of calls but NONE of those calls could be traced as they were all to prepaid cell phones and had ALL been disconnected..Did SHE is fact make those calls and if so WHY and WHY were they ALL shut off at same time? Keep in mind this is all what Joe B says, no proof Jenn made the calls. But they were all disconnected at same time we do know that.

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    YouTube - Jennifer and Adrianna

    Get out your tissues!!!
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    I hope and pray they are found. IT's been just too long

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    Holy cow! Somehow the girls got all the way to the third page! <gasp!>

    So I'm bumping them up!

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    With prayerbone's permission, here are some links that are being suggested for Leah Freeman's case. The same media outlets can be used for Jenn and Nina! Thank you all!

    Prayerbone's links:

    Link where people can write to and get more people thinking about this dreadful crime !!

    JUSTICE for Leah

    America's Most Wanted

    Unsolved Mysteries


    Dateline NBC

    Today Show

    Geraldo at Large

    Greata Van Susteren "On the Record"

    Jane Velez Mitchell

    The link for another forum with more info on Leah see


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    Bumping up ~ maybe someone is in a letter writing mood today!

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    is there an address for the B family compound?

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    We are not allowed to post addresses unless LE makes an announcement that they are a POI...but maybe we can if I am allowed to post the address of Jenn's last known location?
    Dang...now I can't find it. I'll get it for you!

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    6681 Owens Chapel Rd Springfield, TN

    That is the address of where the girls were last seen...

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    knale is offline Verified insider - Jennifer & Adrianna Wix case
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    Bumping for the girls and stopping in to say thank you to all those who continue to keep Jennifer and Adrianna in their hearts and on their minds!

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