Truckload of eggs closes Texas highway; driver injured in accident

BELLAIRE, Texas (AP) - A truck carrying more than 13 tonnes of eggs spilled its contents off a Houston-area overpass early Monday, shutting down a highway and leaving a smelly mess behind for cleanup crews.

"There must have been 50 cases of eggs that landed on that (parked) truck, crushed the cab and broke the windshield," said Gary Babb, a supervisor in charge of the cleanup.

Environmental workers spent the day cleaning up the mess, trying not to slip on egg yolks as they worked. A special substance was used to battle the smell and soak up spilled fuel.

It took more than 14 hours to clean up the spill and reopen the highway. Babb's co-workers brought food to keep the crew's energy up, but he didn't exactly appreciate it

"They brought us scrambled eggs, you believe that?" Babb said. "Sick sense of humour, these people