People on a New York rollercoaster were stranded at the top of a steep climb after a woman's wig blew off and got caught up in the wheels.

Coney Island Cyclone riders were stuck in their seats for nearly 30 minutes as a result, says the New York Post.

Cyclone manager Jerry Menditto said: "This happens sometimes where something flies out and gets stuck. Usually, it's a sweater or a pocketbook, but this time, it was a lady's wig."

Witnesses said the ride ground to a halt when the train reached the top of the second hill, about 75 feet up. As puzzled riders enjoyed sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean, emergency workers and firefighters climbed the tracks to locate the problem.

They discovered a dark brown wig tangled in the wheel base of one of the cars. After pulling the hairpiece out, they used their muscle to push the cars down the hill to get the ride started again.

Menditto said the wig apparently blew off of a woman's head on the previous ride cycle and landed on the tracks