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    CT - Dr. Eugene Mallove, 56, beaten to death, Norwich, 2004

    Originally posted by: Hammerized, moved to this board for discussion

    Police make plea for help in solving Mallove murder case
    $50,000 reward offered for tip leading to conviction

    Eugene Mallove: Murdered, body discovered in his driveway 2004
    The body of Mallove, 56, was discovered May 14, 2004, bloodied and beaten in the driveway of his rental home at 119 Salem Turnpike (Route 82) in Norwich. His clothing was disheveled and torn, indicating a violent struggle. The 1993 Dodge Caravan he had been driving turned up in a Foxwoods employee parking lot in Preston.

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    Eugene Mallove:
    Worked with cold fusion and energy alternatives
    Founded Infinite Energy magazine
    and New Energy foundation.
    Interesting info on wikipedia.

    Was Eugene Mallove murdered on May 14, 2004
    because he was on the cutting edge of
    new energy solutions?
    God has a plan to help bring justice to the world -- and his plan is us.
    Gary Haugen
    Source: Founder, International

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    Two Arrests


    2 April 2010

    Police have made two arrests in connection with the murder of renowned scientist Dr. Eugene Mallove, a cold fusion expert who was killed while cleaning out his childhood home in 2004.

    Police have arrested and charged Candace Foster, 30, and Chad Shaffer, 32, in connection with the slaying of the Pulitzer Prize finalist.

    In 2005, police charged two men in Mallove’s slaying, but later dropped the charges against them because they didn’t have enough evidence to prosecute.

    more at link


    6 April 2010

    The couple accused of brutally murdering Pembroke scientist Eugene Mallove had previously lived in his Connecticut rental home, the police confirmed yesterday.

    At their arraignments yesterday, Norwich Superior Court Judge Robert Young swiftly denied requests to reduce bail for 32-year-old Chad Schaffer and his longtime girlfriend, 30-year-old Candace Foster. Both were charged last week with murdering Mallove in 2004 and are being held on $10 million and $2.5 million bail, respectively.

    much more at link
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    Probable Cause hearing



    24 June 2010

    A superior court judge in New London ruled that there is enough evidence to move forward in the case against Chad Schaffer in the May 14, 2004 beating death of scientist Eugene Mallove.

    The probable cause hearing for Chad Schaffer, 32, of Norwich, finished today with testimony from lead investigator Norwich Police Det. James Curtis. Judge Susan B. Handy made her ruling based on previous testimony and what prosecutors say is a written confession by Schaffer. The burden of proof in a probable cause hearing is lower compared to an actual trial.

    much more at both links
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    she says she's gonna 'fight' to get her children back 'after this is all over'

    why, so she can raise them to think it's ok to murder?

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    I wouldn't want to sound cold or insensitive but I couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the fact that such a prominent energy efficiency expert as Dr Mallove was driving such a notorious gas-guzzler as the second-generation Dodge Caravan.

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    Three locals — Chad Schaffer, a former tenant at the Salem Turnpike home whom Mallove had evicted after Schaffer and his parents stopped paying rent, Schaffer's girlfriend, Candace Foster, and Mozzelle Brown — were to blame for the murder, police said.

    Brown's trial begins Tuesday in Superior Court in New London...

    And though three more arrests were made in connection with the murder, loved ones of Mallove were outraged by the plea deal Schaffer, 37, cut with prosecutors in 2012 that sent him to prison for 16 years for the slaying.

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    The prosecution reached a crucial point at the trial of Mozzelle Brown Tuesday when a woman charged with taking part in the May 2004 beating death of physicist Eugene Mallove began testifying in New London Superior Court...

    Foster testified that Schaffer came back to their Chestnut Street apartment with blood on his clothing that night and told her to go with him. Brown picked them up and drove her to the scene with a plan to make Mallove’s assault “look like a robbery,” she testified.

    Mallove was lying face down near his garage when the trio entered the property via a path from the adjacent McDonald’s parking lot, Foster testified. The two men flipped Mallove over and started taking off his shirt, shoes, wallet and watch, she testified. They kicked Mallove, punched him and struck him in the head with a pipe and Schaffer put a bag over his face, she said.

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    Mozzelle Brown was convicted of murder Friday by a New London Superior Court jury that deliberated for more than three days.

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    After serving about four years and 10 months in prison while awaiting trial on a murder charge of her own in the case, Foster, 34, pleaded guilty Wednesday in New London Superior Court to lesser charges of hindering prosecution and tampering with evidence.

    Foster was sentenced to time served and five years’ probation...

    Schaffer went on trial for murder in 2012, but agreed to a plea bargain before it ended. He is serving a 16-year sentence for manslaughter. Brown was convicted of murder in October and sentenced in January to 58 years in prison.

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