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    RSO link to family members

    I didn't see a general thread discussing the RSOs in the 5 mile radius so I'm starting this one.

    I posted this in the wrong place yesterday accidentally:

    I discovered that the male co-owner of the Tyler home is related by marriage to an RSO in Satsuma.

    The RSO I'm talking about is not the RSO that everyone has thought could be related due to having the same last name as Male Co-Owner.


    Male Co-Owner's former wife's sister is DEFINITELY this RSO's mother. And I can prove it. Both sisters are now deceased. They have one other sister who I believe may still be alive. The family name of the sisters is the name of the currently registered street address.

    Male Co-Owner and former wife are POSSIBLY (and most likely) the grandparents of the other female co-owner. If true, Female Co-Owner's great-grandmother is RSO's grandmother.

    I'm sorry I can't name names, but this should give you enough information to figure it out.
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    At this time bringing up every RSO that may or may not be linked to these families can be very invasive for the innocent ones, just by name association alone.

    Some of these RSO's have remote family elsewhere with minor children and it could become a nightmare for them.

    If there is any change or updates brought up by the LE we can revisit this thread for discussion.

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