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    Is Casey the real Zenaida?

    Originally Posted by one_hooah_wife View Post

    On MySpace someone can change your password a couple of ways ...
    1.If you know the original password you can simply log in and change it ... an email would be sent to the email address on file, telling you only that your password had been changed ... NOT what it was changed to. (why would the kidnappers know Casey’s original password.)
    2.You can click “forgotten password” at login and MySpace will send a link to your email account for you to use in order to complete a change of password ... for someone to surreptitiously use this method to change your password they would have to also have access to your email account. Let’s say that Caylee’s kidnappers possessed the skills to access KC’s email and used this method … they would still have to contact KC and let her know what the new password was, in order for her to access the account without her resetting it again the next time she logged on.
    ALSO … and of SOOOO much importance … because of cyber-bullying MySpace states that it logs the IP address of anyone accessing the account at anytime … so it will show a the IP address allowing LE to identify their approximate location at the time the account was accessed.
    Anyone with L33T Haxor skills wanna weigh in … please?

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    Today, 07:48 AM
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    Exactly, and not only will they be able to determine the IP of the log-ins of caseyomarie's myspace, but of the premeditated "zenaida" myspace set up on June 16th, just prior to KC "kicking off" the whole "Zanny stole my baby" story.


    And they will be able to tell if she accessed this zenaida myspace account from JB's office during the countless days she spent her full day at his office. And they will be able to tell that it is not merely a coincidence that 1.) the zenaida myspace was created on the same day Caylee was last seen, and 2. the zenaida myspace was last accessed on the last free day - when KC went to jail for good.

    They will be able to see what IP coincidentally chose a "Dora the Explorer" dancing doll as their myspace picture when at the same time Caylee had a Dora the Explorer backpack (and most likely a Dora pony, as referenced as a "toy horse" found with the remains).

    They will be able to see what IP...so coincidentally...chose a birthday on the zenaida myspace that is February 19th - where KC's is March 19th.

    Age 23 on 02/18/09:

    Age 24 on 02/19/09:

    Apparently this myspace "zenaida" doesn't drive, because the Florida DMV shows no one with the first name zenaida having a birthday of 02/19/85 in their database.

    And hopefully they will be able to obtain what, if any content, was posted on that account and subsequently removed prior to 10/14....the last date of entry. And they will be able to tell what IP...so coincidentally...chose "Miami" as the location when we have seen KC keep centering back on Miami as a possible place for "Zanny".

    They will most likely be able to tell us exactly what time on 06/16/08 that account was set up. And since the forensics from KC's laptop show NO user activity for the entire day of the 16th, and the forensics for the Anthony desktop show only activity for a brief time in the morning and then again just prior to GA going to work, and no activity after he left work....if the IP matches the Anthony IP, that time of creation will NECESSARILY preface the disappearance of Caylee. Pointing to premeditation of the whole scenario and a "plan" as KC walked Caylee out of that house.

    They, of course, already know that this myspace wouldn't show up on the computer forensic search for "zenaida" because there is no "zenaida" in the URL for this myspace. But they also now know what to perform a forensic search on to see if the Anthony desktop accessed this myspace.

    Then, maybe, they will be able to tell us why the 22 year old Zenaida Gonzalez who got two traffic tickets in Orlando by an OCSO officer in May 2008 - one for not yielding at an intersection, the other for not have a valid driver's license was able to completely satisfy the ticket for not yielding, but was unable to produce a valid license at the June 11th arraignment for not possessing the license. And maybe they will explain why the payments on the fine for not having a license were kept up until KC went back to jail for good and then this "Zenaida Gonzalez" fell off the face of the earth. Maybe they will explain why, on February 19th, 2009, "Zenaida" didn't show up for her last chance to keep her license and they subsequently issued a court-ordered suspension of that license. Maybe they will explain why in the Florida database this Zenaida Gonzalez has never been able to have her social security number verified in the system...was it because this "Zenaida" is an illegal? or is it because she is somebody else who already has a valid license that has the social security number verified? (like KC). Is it a coincidence that this ZG has an address to a home that is owned by two people whose permanent address is in New York and appears to be a winter home for them, while KC insinuated a possible New York connection?

    Maybe LE will also be able to explain why on 09/11/08 a previous traffic citation KC received on 08/04/03 for not possessing a valid driver's license, and which was marked as satisfied and dismissed on 08/12/03 when she did produce her driver's license, was changed from a "dismissed" status to "prosecutorial". Did they find that on 8/12/03 she had two driver's licenses, one with the name "Zenaida Gonzalez"? Possessing two driver's licenses in Florida is a felony offense.

    Did KC run with people who had two driver's licenses? Yes...Lauren Coppel was stopped on 10/14/04 for DUI and subsequently also received a citation for "possessing more than one valid Florida driver's license"...she had to lawyer up to get out of that one.

    It appears KC is ZG...it appears she created the myspace "zenaida" page before she left the Anthony residence on the 16th. It appears she planned something that required a "zenaida" and with the "timer55" backing out to June 15th, it appears she started this plan on that evening, probably right after CA almost choked the crap out of her. The LE can explain what that "zenaida-requiring" plan was and why we have the odd coincidence of Caylee turning up missing and then dead and it tying to a kidnapping "Zenaida"...they can explain all these coincidences to us some day. They'll probably also explain to us the bizarre coincidence that will follow this post when coincident to a JB visit to KC in the jail, the "zenaida" myspace will mysteriously, after months of no access, be accessed. Because I fear that, to be quite honest...I think JB has some one watching this site and that's why I haven't said anything about the myspace page here before now. But maybe just outright stating that we know what's up JB!!! will make him think twice about that one. But, of course, he can just pass username and password to good ol' Lee on the backside...Lee the formatter, Lee the expunger....Lee the "blue screen of death".

    KC isn't lying...the last person she saw Caylee with was Zenaida Gonzalez.
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    Valhall, in case you missed it in the other thread here's the photo copy of the ck. Casey cashed at BOA. I believe it's page 38, though the whole file is about the check charges..


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    Valhall, thank for sharing your mind with us. This really connects some dots for me.

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    Thank you, finally a separate thread regarding this.

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    The following is from a post I made on another board on 01/29/09:

    AD - Annie Downing, reported by almost all of KC's friends as her "best friend" and the one most likely she would confide in - still no OCSO interview released
    KC - Casey Anthony, charged with murdering her daughter Caylee
    Zani - Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez - mystery nanny that KC claims kidnapped Caylee, but no one has ever seen, spoken to, or can verify her existence
    ZG - The real Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez - has civil suit against Casey for defamation and intentional injury
    ZGo - Zenaida Gonzalez, a blogger and online journalist who lives in Brevard County, FL and whose office was robbed on 06/09/08
    ZG22 - Zenaida Gonzalez, a 22-23 year old woman ticketed with two traffic citations on 05/24/08 - the same day AD was ticketed with not wearing a seatbelt


    August, 2003 - KC receives a traffic citation on 8/4/03 for not providing proof of insurance. 8/12/03KC appears in traffic court, produces her ID and insurance verification, and pays the $5 dismissal fee, and the case is dismissed.

    May 24, 2008 - AD receives a traffic citation for 2 people not wearing seatbelts in her car.
    ZG22 (date of birth 1/11/86, 3 months older than KC), receives two traffic citations: one for running an intersection, and one for not having a valid driver's license. Note that Operating a motor vehicle without a valid driver's license is a Criminal Offense in Florida.

    June 9, 2008 - A "Zenaida Gonzalez", an online journalist/bloggist, (ZGo) in Brevard County, Fl, has her office robbed. The thief takes her computer, which includes her personal information, phone numbers, etc.

    June 10, 2008 - ZG22 "elects to pay" civil penalty associated with citation for not yielding at intersection on 05/24/08. "No plea" entered. The fine of $118.50 is paid in full and the case closed.

    June 11, 2008 - Arraignment for ZG22's criminal traffic citation is held. ZG22 appears in person at traffic court. While the docket shows "Defendant was represented by counsel" it has an asterick in the field, and no counsel is listed, which is required. ZG22 please nolo contendre. The court rules "adjudicated withheld" which means the court withheld a "conviction", but the accused is ruled "guilty" as charged. Please note that ZG22 being found "guilty" (i.e. adjudication withheld) means that she was unable to produce a valid Florida driver's license on June 11th during the arraignment. If she had produced one, the citation would have been dismissed (see Florida Statute 322.03(6)) The case is reassigned to the "Collection Court" for payment arrangements of the fine.

    June 12, 2008 - KC search reunion.com for "Zenaida Gonzalez" age 25.
    KC search USSearch.com for "Zenaida Fernandez", Jacksonville, FL

    June 13, 2008 - The 22 year old "Zenaida Gonzalez" is fined $328.00 for failure to produce valid driver's license. The Collections Court establishes a $50/month payment plan for ZG22 on the $328 fine (including court costs) she receives for the 05/24/08 driving without a valid license citation.

    June 24, 2008 - AD requests extension on her citation on 5/24/08 for no seatbelts.

    July 15, 2008 - KC goes to a downtown Orlando Bank of America branch and withdraws $250 from AH's bank account. This BoA branch is less than one block from the Orange County Clerk's Office. KC also attempts to pay a $574 AT&T cell phone bill, but there is not anough money left in AH's account for the payment to go through.
    ZG22 makes a $50.00 payment to the Collection Court on the 05/24/08 driving without a valid license citation.
    This is the day before KC is arrested.

    July 23, 2008 - AD requests extension on her citation on 5/24/08 for no seatbelts.

    August 18, 2008 - Someone pays $4.00 for copies of documents associated with her 05/24/08 driving without a valid license citation. This will be the last payment activity ZG22 has on this charge.
    Court changes status of ZG22's case to "Prosecutorial".

    August 20, 2008 - Blink34, who has been watching this traffic case since July notices that the case is showing delinquent and bring it to the attention of "a source in Orlando" pointing out that if there is a connection to the KC case, there's about to be a bench warrant issue.

    August 21, 2008 - The case file has been updated retroactive to show that ZG22 made a $100.00 payment on 08/15/08 to the Collections Court on the 05/24/08 driving without a valid license citation. This is also the same day KC is released from jail to home confinement. If the payment had been made on 08/15/08, there would be no explanation for the status change to "Prosecutorial" on 08/18/08.

    August 25, 2008 - AD pays $79.50 fine for her 05/24/08 citation for no seatbelts; case is closed.

    September 11, 2008 - The status of KC's traffic citation issued on 8/4/03 is changed to Prosecutorial even though the charges were dismissed on 8/12/03. There is no clear explanation why a case that has been procedurally and properly dismissed to be changed to Prosecutorial in status.
    This is the same day charging documents are filed against KC listing 10 economic crimes.

    October 5, 2008 - The Collections Court levies a $10.00 fine for Failure to Pay against ZG22 on her 05/24/08 driving without a valid license charge because a payment hasn't been made since 8/15/08.

    December 10, 2008 - ZG22 is entered as "defaulted" by the Collections Court on the collection program for her 05/24/08 citation for driving without a valid license.

    December 15, 2008 - The Collections Court issues a Misdemeanor Delinquency Notice to ZG22 because a payment has not been made on her 05/24/08 driving without a valid license charge since 8/15/08.

    January 9, 2009 - The Collections Court issues a writ for authorities to bring ZG22 to the court due to failure to make any payments since 8/15/08 on her 05/24/08 driving without a valid license charge.

    January 12, 2009 - ZG22's driver's license has a notation entered against it due to her failure to pay fines or appear concerning her 05/24/08 citation for driving without a valid license. It is unknown whether this notation is a temporary suspension, permanent suspension, or a deadline suspension. However, at this status check page of the Orange County Clerk's website it shows that if ZG22 does not appear by 2/19/09, her driver's license will either be canceled, suspended, revoked, or disqualified.

    Important Findings:
    When looking at the driving records of ZG22 and KC...
    1. ZG22's information on her Florida Driver's License has been expunged from her DMV record. This could mean that it had expired some time past or it could have been done since the beginning of the KC case, but her record does not show the original issue date, nor the expiration date. This information has been removed.
    2. Of interest on this is if you perform astatus check]status check on ZG22's driver license, there is no statement "Your social security number has been verified. Thank you." on the return page. If you perform a status check on KC's driver's license, AD's driver's license, GA's, CA's, or LA's driver's licenses they all state at the bottom "Your social security number has been verified. Thank you."
    3. KC had a previous traffic citation on 8/4/03 for not providing proof of insurance. Even though KC appeared in traffic court, produced her ID and insurance verification, and paid the $5 dismissal fee, the status of this citation was changed Prosecutorial on 9/11/08.
    4. The address given on ZG22's DMV record has two people, middle-aged, with mideastern names who appear to live in New York and have the home in Winter Garden as a winter home.
    5. During Lee Anthony's original interview with OCSO he described dumping the contents of KC's purse, which he had obtained from Tony Lazzaro's apartment, in the living room floor of the Anthony home. Cindy Anthony began to go through KC's wallet and pulled out what Lee described as looking like an "old driver's license", but he also stated KC's drivers license was still in the wallet. When Cindy held up the ID, the detective present snatched it out of her hand before Lee could get a good look at.

    I believe that was the fake ZG22 expired driver's license and I believe when detectives found that she had possessed a fake driver's license since ??? (2003?) they turned her previously dismissed 2003 citation to Prosecutorial.


    KC = Zenaida Gonzalez (ZG22) = Zani.
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    Thanks SuziQ for opening a new thread, Valhall for sharing your theory (and WELCOME to WS by the way), and for everyone else's great insight!

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    on the traffic citations, ZG22 didn't get arrested. She just went to traffic court. This, again, points at a first time offense of being caught with an expired license - not driving with a revoked or suspended license. Because in researching the Florida law on this, you can go to jail on this citation if 1. you're a repeat offender at driving with expired/revoked/suspended, or 2. you're found to be driving with a revoked/suspended. You can read up on this here. Note in that write up that if this had been a second or third offense there would have been jail time and up to $500 fine. ZG22's fine was $100. If the license was suspended and our little actress KC/ZG22 pulled off acting like they didn't know that, then that could answer the non-arrest as well. Because if you can pull off that you didn't know your license was suspended, you basically get treated the same way you would if your license was expired more than 4 months.

    As I point out on the driver's license status page, they have ZG22's driver's license scheduled to be revoked or suspended on 02/19/09 if she doesn't come forward or they don't find her to force her appearance. Of course, if it's KC, she isn't going to get to appear.

    I don't know if they have a surveillance video in traffic court. It's possible, but it's not public at this time if they do have that.

    Another thing - some one asked about if KC could speak Spanish. In her IM chat log (page 11) with Anthony Rusciano she says the following: "my boss is giving me ****, because i took 3 years of spanish in high school, and i can't speak it to save my life. i can translate just about anything". Okay, starting on the fact KC doesn't have a boss, and is, in fact, a pathological liar, we can take this statement and either completely throw it out as total BS, or we cans top and think - did she really take 3 years of spanish in high school? And what if the BS part is that she can't speak it? It's actually easier to speak a language (especially after 3 years of spanish classes) than it is to translate it.

    Here's some more info from Florida statutes to mull over on this:


    322.03(5) - Florida actually has a "grace period". If you get stopped with an expired license but it has been expired less than 4 months you can be cited, but it is not a criminal offense. This basically allows some one who may not have know their license had expired to go get a valid license, present it, and pay either a small citation fine or a dismissal fee.

    After a license has been expired 4 months, or has been suspended or revoked, the offense becomes criminal.

    Why would KC (assuming she is ZG22) even bother paying the fine? If ZG22 is an alias, why wouldn't she just let the citation go criminal...after all, ZG22 has an address in Winter Gardens, and it would be hard to connect it to KC, right? Maybe not...under statute 322.15(2) it states:

    [ex]Upon the failure of any person to display a driver's license as required by subsection (1), the law enforcement officer or authorized representative of the department stopping the person shall require the person to imprint his or her fingerprints upon any citation issued by the officer or authorized representative, or the officer or authorized representative shall collect the fingerprints electronically. [/ex]

    If KC/ZG22 was fingerprinted at the time of the citation, she was in a nine-line-bind to make sure the case didn't go ballistic on her. She needed to just keep the payments up and let it "go away".

    What are the reasons that both ZG22's case went Prosecutorial and KC's 2003 previously dismissed traffic citation was basically reopened and changed Prosecurtorial? Because under Florida statute 322.03(b)...

    [ex]A person may not have more than one valid Florida driver's license at any time. [/ex]

    If in August/September the LE had investigated every Zenaida Gonzalez in Florida and had gotten a fingerprint off the ZG22 case, they would have established that KC=ZG22=2 driver's licenses at the time of the 2003 traffic citation to KC.

    Here is the nolo contendere form that ZG22 would have filled out:


    Note in Part A:

    [ex]n violation of s. 322.03, s. 322.065, or s. 322.15(1), or operating a motor vehicle with a license which
    has been suspended for failure to appear, failure to pay civil penalty, or failure to attend a driver
    improvement course pursuant to s. 322.291.[/ex]

    And that the fine would be reduced to $35.25 if

    [ex]- Proof of compliance consisting of a copy of my valid, renewed or reinstated driverís license and
    - Payment of $35.25.[/ex]

    But that didn't happen in ZG22's case. The fine was $100 + court fees. So no valid driver's license was provided at the time of the traffic court arraignment.

    So let's look at which of these statutes might have been broken.

    322.03(1) - Except as otherwise authorized in this chapter, a person may not drive any motor vehicle upon a highway in this state unless such person has a valid driver's license under the provisions of this chapter.

    322.03(4) - A person may not operate a motorcycle unless he or she holds a driver's license that authorizes such operation, subject to the appropriate restrictions and endorsements.

    322.03(5) - It is a violation of this section for any person whose driver's license has been expired for more than 4 months to operate a motor vehicle on the highways of this state.

    Please note...
    322.03(6) - A person who is charged with a violation of this section, other than a violation of paragraph (a) of subsection (1), may not be convicted if, prior to or at the time of his or her court or hearing appearance, the person produces in court or to the clerk of the court in which the charge is pending a driver's license issued to him or her and valid at the time of his or her arrest. The clerk of the court is authorized to dismiss such case at any time prior to the defendant's appearance in court. The clerk of the court may assess a fee of $5 for dismissing the case under this subsection.

    322.065 - Driver's license expired for 4 months or less; penalties.--Any person whose driver's license has been expired for 4 months or less and who drives a motor vehicle upon the highways of this state is guilty of an infraction and subject to the penalty provided in s. 318.18. But, when you look 318.18, you see that it covers noncriminal infractions...ZG22's was criminal, so 322.065 does not apply.

    Concerning your statements about KC covering her tracks with the Zani story. I think you're spot on. Statements made by KC like "The last time I saw my daughter was with Zani." become true if Zani=KC. or "I've known for 4, 5, 6 years" becomes true if KC has been walking around with a ZG22 driver's license for that long. Statements like "Zani has connections with New York" start to have a bit of truth when you look at [address removed] in Winter Garden (which is the listed address for ZG22 on her driver's license), because it's owned by a couple who have a mailing address in New York.

    Here's a thought...did KC make extra money by house sitting for northerners who have winter homes in the Orlando area? She had to be going some where every day...that's been a burning unanswered question through-out this "where were KC and Caylee every day if KC really didn't have a job?" Did KC house sit for the people at [address removed] at some point?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cajun View Post
    Valhall, in case you missed it in the other thread here's the photo copy of the ck. Casey cashed at BOA. I believe it's page 38, though the whole file is about the check charges..


    Cajun, It downloaded, then there was only a blank screen? Do you have another link?


    "There are two kinds of fools: those who can't change their opinions, and those who won't" ..... Josh Billings

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    Here's a link to prior discussions on the matter of how KC was able to pass forged checks to help as well:


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    Look at this myspace account:


    It was created on 06/16/08 - the last day Caylee was seen alive. It was last accessed on 10/14/08 - the day the grand jury indicted KC for murder and she was returned to jail for the last time.

    Sign - Pisces. (KC's birthday is 3/19)

    Location: Miami, FL (KC kept emphasizing to LA - "definitely Miami" as a place to look for ZG)

    Pic: Dora the Explorer doll

    What's significant about Dora? The evidence found at the scene of the remains states a backpack with "adorable" was found. That's a Dora the Explorer aDORAble backpack...


    GA stated the last time he saw Caylee he thought she had a white backpack on with "monkeys" on it. Maybe it was white...maybe it was pink. But that aDORAble backpack has Dora's monkey on it.

    A small plastic toy horse was found with the remains.

    Pick which Dora pony you'd like to have:


    It has been rumored that one of the reasons for the immediate search of the Anthony home after the remains were found was to match two items found at the crime scene that appeared to come from a set: the Winnie the Pooh blanket (Caylee's room and bed have Winnie the Pooh decorations and accessories) and "the set" from which the horse came from. Were they looking for the Dora doll?

    Was KC doing activities on this myspace while she was hanging out at JB's office all day every day during her home confinement period? Was there more information on this page prior to her indictment and return to jail on 10/14? Did she wipe everything clean as her last activity on this myspace? The only way LE could find that out would be to confiscate computers in JB's office, or get a subpoena from myspace for this account and match it back to JB's IP.

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    Would you be so kind to direct me to where in the doc dump the 6/16/08 Zanaida my space info is found? Thanks in advance. Never mind you posted it while I was posting!

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    I'm lost

    So, "a" ZG 22 years old received a ticket and they can't find that ZG? This ZG made payments on the ticket until KC went back to jail? Why would she do that? And if she did do that- how was it paid? At the courthouse? Would there be picture of that ZG making a payment?

    I'm sorry I'm so confused.

    Edited to say- While I typed this 3 more people posted with information. You guys are so fast! This is why I normally do not post. Not fast nor smart enough!

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    Just continuing to share older posts from another board:

    I was finally able to track down the picture on the "zenaida" myspace of Dora the Explorer. It is of the Fisher-Price doll "We Did It! Dancing Dora"


    Fisher-Price released this doll in CORRECTION: released in 2001.

    Press release on Mattel and Fisher-Price toys for Christmas market 2002

    I wonder if Caylee had one of these dolls?

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    The one thing that keeps coming back to my mind while reading this, is the discussion about what it was that LE took out of Casey's wallet when going through the bag that Lee brought back from Tony's.
    I do think this is very possible.
    Justice For Caylee Marie

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoCalSleuth View Post
    Would you be so kind to direct me to where in the doc dump the 6/16/08 Zanaida my space info is found? Thanks in advance.
    It's not in the discovery.

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