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    22 Miles of I-85 closed for hours


    OMG! I cannot believe this! After a series of wrecks, miles of people were trapped in their cars for over 8 hours, running out of gas in 20-something degree weather.

    34 people had to be transported by ambulance. They said there were kids in a lot of those cars.

    What a nightmare!!!

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    My husband was stranded in this mess for 6 hours Saturday night. Luckily he had plenty of gas and was able to get back to our hotel after sitting there for 6 hours. Our dog was home with no one to let him out and he was trying to get home to him. Unbelievably, after 28 hours home alone, I had no mess to clean up......he held his bladder until we got home. If only I could train my husband as well as the dog is trained to listen .

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    We live in Gaffney. Yesterday Mr. Mr. E was supposed to drive to Charlotte, then back to Gaffney late. It was snowing pretty hard then. At the last minute he decided not to go. I'm so glad he didn't go!

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