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    Polygamy was not started, or endorsed by Joseph Smith. This was something said by Brigham Young and his followers in order to get the members to accept the practice. I have a lot of documentation on this subject if anybody us interested. Joseph Smith had but one wife. There has never been any evidence that shows otherwise.

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    Ok, Joseph Smith had more than one "female sex partner" if we don't want to use the word "wife". I also have lots of documentation and it is all freely available to anyone and easy to find.

    Understandably for that day and time, his wife objected strenuously and those closest to Joseph Smith worked to keep his "extracurricular activities" under wraps so as not to lose the earliest followers. As I recall, Joseph Smith's first known extramarital affair or plural marriage, whichever you choose, was with a young girl he and his wife had 'adopted' into his family. Today we call that incest.

    His wife eventually found him to be untrue to their marriage, defrauding his own congregants, and left him in deep disappointment. He chose to "spin" his affair then as a spiritual mandate from God. So sayeth Joseph, so stayed SOME but not all of his followers, and so was a budding "religion" saved.

    But Brigham Young continued to serve a 'next generation' of followers in growing numbers. He worked to legitimize polygamy openly and by this time there were many who joined the ranks BECAUSE they were attracted to the sexual liberties granted them.

    And the rest is history.

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    One Love - so eloquently written - I applaud you! Just as an aside . . . Joseph Smith "translated" the "golden plates" using a urim and thumin (sic?) or seer stones. He was an avid treasure hunter. He also wrote the Doctorine and Covenants that endorses polygamy. Therefore, Joseph was purporting to be the "prophet" and wanting to "spread the word" as well as live the life. Thus the reason he the "mob" attacked him in Navoo. BTW - such "treasured items" such as those seer stones were never mentioned again.
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    I've just finished reading "Under the Banner of Heaven". It is very well written - by an author with whom I am very familiar, and who does not normally write about religion. The book was meticulously researched. I had known some of the background of Joseph Smith prior to reading this book, because I had encountered the writings of Sidney Rigdon as part of a genealogy project I am working on. (The split between Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon - Smith's "second in command", and suspected of having supplied Smith with a novel that was later turned into the Book of Mormom - was due to Joseph Smith soliciting Rigdon's teenage daughter to become one of his "celestial" wives.)

    As author Krakauer points out in the book, Mormonism is the only major religion founded here in America, and founded during a time when printing presses existed. So there exists documentation of who Joseph Smith was, where he lived when, when he was arrested and what for, etc.

    By all accounts Joseph Smith was a tall (6 ft.), good-looking man with great charisma who was known to "like the ladies" so to speak. He founded his "religion" - as did many others of the day - and after publication of the Book of Morman he gained many, many more followers. Not that he didn't have any followers before the book was published, he did. But publication and distribution of the Book of Mormon was the thing that really "spread the word".

    For some interesting reading, just google "Who really wrote the Book of Mormon?". Scholars have been pondering this question for the past 100 years or more. What with computers nowadays, linguists can examine and compare writing styles much more thoroughly and easily than they could in years past. Historical linguists have now been able to identify previously unknown authors of documents through use of such programs.

    As for myself, I think all organized religions are a bunch of bullshyte. And that's my right.
    But - and this is my own humble opinion - I tend to place Mormonism somewhere in the realm of Scientology. And hey, there's another interesting "religion".

    And then there is King Henry VIII who wanted to divorce his wife. The Pope said no, so Henry said "Screw you, I'll start my own religion". Voila, the Episcopal Church (Church of England) is founded. And then there is Martin Luther, a priest.................

    It goes on and on.

    Bottom line: Joseph Smith is indeed the prophet who introduced polygamy into his Mormon church. And Mrs. Smith was not happy about it, that's for sure. Astoundingly, after Mrs. Smith expressed her unhappiness to husband Joseph, he had ANOTHER "revelation" from God in which God mentioned Mrs. Smith by name. In THAT revelation God told Emma Smith that she better obey her husband!

    Brigham Young - who wrested control of the church away from several others who thought they were more "entitled" - including Sidney Rigdon - wholly embraced the practice of polygamy. He had something like 55 or so "wives". Oh, and he was not 6 ft. tall and good-looking with lots of charisma. So he really needed the church sanction of polygamy to get himself a new woman when he wanted one.

    Today's LDS church is uncomfortable with the history of their church. But it is what it is.

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