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    WA - Deputy Charged with Assaulting Prisoner, 15 yr old girl, caught on tape

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    I just saw this on CNN and while I agree the girl should not have broken the law, I don't care what she did or said, I feel that this was a bit excessive and I am not sure, given his place of trust in society that a 1 year maximum is enough. Thoughts anyone? Video and article below:


    According to the article he is on PAID admin leave!!



    The affidavit, which is based upon King County Detective Jeff Johnson's investigation and security camera video, said that "once inside the cell, (the girl) was removing her shoes and kicked her left shoe off and it struck Deputy Schene below his right knee. Deputy Schene entered the cell and did a front kick at (the girl) which appeared to strike her in the upper left thigh area."

    The girl later told an investigator that her basketball shoe had "flipped" out and hit Schene, who then told her that constituted assaulting an officer. The girl denied resisting arrest at any time, the papers said.

    When the girl stepped back after the kick, "Deputy Schene pushed her onto the back wall. Deputy Schene then took (her) down to the floor by her hair and had her in a handcuffing position. While on the floor, Deputy Schene looked to have (her) in a hair hold and was pulling her head and neck upward," court papers said.

    The affidavit said Schene in the video makes "two overhead strikes down towards" the girl, but the camera angle does not capture where they landed.


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    I saw this viedeo yesterday and it's sickening. This guy has no business being on the police force. I realize that it can be a frustrating and stressful job but he should have had the common sense to just close the door and wait until he had cooled off before he spoke with her again. And what's up with the other office assisting him. Why didn't he stop him?????

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    The King County Prosecutor’s Office said Friday that it will not pursue a third trial for former sheriff’s Deputy Paul Schene after two juries were unable to reach a unanimous verdict on whether he assaulted a teenage girl during a videotaped confrontation in a holding cell...
    Schene’s first trial ended in January with jurors split 11-1 in favor of conviction, while jurors in his second trial deadlocked 11-1 last week to acquit him...

    Schene, 32, who took the witness stand to defend himself before both juries, is fighting to get his job back with the King County Sheriff’s Office.

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    Once at the small jail, though, Schene began implying Calhoun was a prostitute and deriding both girls as "stupid and ugly," Deputy Prosecutor Gary Ernsdorff told the jury. Schene, he said, eventually started examining photos on the girl's cell phone without her permission or lawful authority.

    That sour mood took a violent turn after Calhoun, asked to remove her shoes by Schene, kicked a sneaker at the deputy.

    Holding cell video clearly shows Schene charging into a holding cell after Calhoun kicked the shoe.

    Testifying in his own defense previously, Schene said that he moved on the 120-pound girl only after she kicked a soft-soled basketball shoe at his groin.

    Schene, as shown on the video, stormed into the holding cell, kicking Calhoun in the hip before grabbing her by the hair. It appears Schene also delivered a punch to the girl's face before dragging her to the ground, where he punched Calhoun twice more before cuffing her with Brunner's help...

    He also claimed that a deep bruise to his shin -- which he later admitted was caused by a collision with a jail cell toilet -- was caused by the girl's flipped shoe.

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    The union representing King County sheriff's deputies has voted not to help fired Deputy Paul Schene get his job back.

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