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    Woman faces jail time over spilling a soda

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    Strange that it does not list what 2 charges she is facing. I would think at best petty theft. Maybe her pouring the drink out counted as vandalism?
    Anyone know the specifics? On the other hand, you CAN go to the market and get a 2 liter for $1.00-$1.75, so the $3.80 seems a little pricey ESPECIALLY for a veterans center.

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    Yeah, its probably considered vandalism. D.A. wants to charge her with as many charges as possible most likley b/c most will be dropped. She'll probably walk away with having to do anger management classes.

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    As if the jails here aren't crowded enough... Lets send someone to jail for dumping out a soda.

    We should throw the person who decided to charge someone 3.80 for a fountain soda in jail as well, as thats robbery. At the milk store up the street its .99 for a fountain soda (any size!)

    Gimmie a break...

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