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    Kids in daycare fed windshield washer fluid


    The daycare workers thought it was Kool-Aid. WTH?! In fact the article states it was put in the fridge instead of Kool-Aid after a shopping trip. HELLO!! I'm just glad the owner gave up her licence. I pray for the child who remains hospitalized.

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    I heard about this yesterday. Doesn't most windshield washer fluid have an odor (unlike Kool-Aid odor)? I'm assuming they make Kool-Aid in a big jug and put it in the refrigerator. I could see where the jug of washer fluid might look the same, but still I would think at some point you would say "oops, I got the wrong jug" or something. It just seems so strange, but I don't think the daycare worker did it intentionally.

    My prayers for the daycare worker and the child that remains hospitalized.

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    I've seen gallon jugs of the stuff sold in both green and orange and it was even labeled "bug juice"!!!!! I couldn't believe it when I saw it and even complained it. I can see where it could happen. They need to pull ALL that stuff off the shelves.

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