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    Police: Woman Drugs Boss's Coffee So He'll 'Chill Out'


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    BRYANT, Ark. — Police said a woman has been arrested for allegedly slipping some tranquilizers into her boss's coffee because she felt "he needed to chill out."

    Police said the 24-year-old woman admitted to detectives that she slipped the drugs into veteranarian John Duckett's drink.
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    I must confess I laughed when I read the headline and thought about the bosses I have had who would have benefitted from a tranquilizer.

    Further thought makes me kind of ashamed of myself.

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    Made me think of the "Nine to Five" movie... LoL

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    I don't fault anyone for laughing at the headline. It does make you think of the movie too.

    I guess I'm just too serious about things like this for two reasons:

    1. My youngest son had an anaphlyactic reaction to Pn at the age of 17 months that was terrifying for me. He recovered with no long lasting symptoms except for a severe allergy and he must wear a medic alert bracelet. How did this young woman know that the Dr. wouldn't have a severe reaction, or the tranq's wouldn't react with meds he might be on that she doesn't know about? Scary to me.

    2. O/T but I can see why she did it and didn't consider the consequences. I worked as a waitress and bartender for 20 yrs. I never bartended in bars, or taverns but nice restaurants that had a bar area.

    In my own experience, I have personally seen no less than 3 servers that were fired on the spot for altering food/drinks before taking them to the customer. Two were altered because the server took a demanding customer personally and retaliated.

    The third was more personal, that server spit in a drink that I had prepared and was going to serve it to the man that turned out to be his competition for the affections of another server. I did turn him in and the drink never made it to the table.

    All of those scenarios are benign, but not really if you think about this day and age where human body fluids can be considered hazardous materials. LOL

    (an even bigger LOL is some of the stories I could tell about working in restaurants!)

    So, I don't think this young lady thought through the implications of slipping a drug into someone else's drink. Not a good thing.
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    This bothers me on several different levels, one of which is - he is a VET. I don't want a Vet high on drugs administering to my pet! Does this girl realize the damage she could have caused, and maybe did cause, because the Dr. couldn't function adequately?

    I also just think it is a pure violation of a person's body to cause them to ingest something without their knowledge. And down right scary that anyone would think this was okay.


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    I understand that not all bosses are easy to get along with, but with the way things are these days this woman should have felt blessed for even having a job. I think short of an abusive boss or a 100% sure bet at something better many people should just stay put. I know my husband is having a horrible time at work right now-but it's a job.
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