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    Quote Originally Posted by Fukiyama View Post
    Motherof5, do you discount Mdietz's corroboration earlier in this thread?

    Natasha, if you check out the posts by Mdietz (the first of which I think to above), he talks a little bit about about an angle like that.

    Regarding Mdietz, I found this article this morning where he recounts his experience for The Cary News. Go have a read.
    When I say not credible I mean as far as LE is concerned. Sorry, I wasn't very clear. I haven't seen anything stated by LE claiming that sighting to be credible.

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    The Montgomery County Police did take the reported sighting of a girl or girls in a Tan Ford Station Wagon very seriously and it was a major step in the case about a week after the girls went missing.

    A partial tag number was given and police did a lot of searching of written records across the state (of Maryland) to determine who owned all 100 cars with those first tag numbers. They also checked out other states with similarly colored plates. Each person was contacted and checked out. Unfortunately, they developed no suspects from the lead(s).

    The initial report of this incident in Manassas, Virginia was attributed to an unnamed executive who worked at IBM. Mr. Dietz states that he also came forward independantly of the IBM man and spoke with MCP back in 1975. He has remained interested in the case and has made a number of posts on the subject.

    The two sightings by different individuals would tend to corroborate eachother, although there are slight differences in the accounts.

    People in the Washington Metropolitan area were on alert and highly interested in the Lyon case. Every newscast and newspaper had daily reports. There were many reported sightings of the girls by persons calling in to police. Each one was checked out.

    So, it is likely that the two reported sightings of a car, driver, and young girl or girls were based on an actual event. But whether or not the girl in the car was actually Sheila or Kate Lyon is the high dollar question. There are a number of possibilities.

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    didn't Coffey work as a maintenance man for Jamestown-Williamsburg apartments? Keep in mind, I was 8 when Neely vanished and have memory gaps of that whole time period. If I'm right, that would have made him in the least a familiar face. My own mother's addictions meant we didn't see apartment staff in our apartment often enough for me to remember that tbh.

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    Something To Think About

    Could something like this, have happened to the girls?


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    Another Case to Consider

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    Nah. If anything like that had happened to the Lyon sisters, the allegations against the perpetrator(s) would all be different. Also, one of the cases you just cited involved a newborn, and newborns are often kidnapped with intentions of keeping them alive. Sheila and Katherine were older.

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