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    FL - Leno, 47, & Louise Lazzari, 42, Boca Raton, 14 Nov 1949

    This is an interesting case wiht numerous suspects. Considering Leno's profession, his philanderings and involvement with the anti-fascists movement in Italy the list seems endless. There are some bizarre things that occured after the murders. The apt was broken into and all of Leno's art was stolen and never resurfaced. A jewelry box that had been taken appeared inside the house three days after the murders.

    Long and short someone broke into the Lazzari's apt, made themselves a snack and waited for the couple to come home and killed them both as they came in.


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    My money's on Franco either by himself or through a hired hitman. He was the one who stood to gain the most from the couple's death. As for the jewelry box Franco would not have stolen it if he was expecting to inherit it but someone from the investigation may have been tempted to snatch it then thought better of it and brought it back.

    As for the Buick guy or a jealous husband the MO doesn't seem right, the killer appeared to have been familiar with the Lazzaris' routine and their apartment, seemed to have known he had time to fix himself a snack before they got home.

    One thing that bugs me is they don't say where (or if) the Jeep was found. I suspect the killer went through Leno's pockets to get at the keys.

    Regarding the robbery at the studio four years after the murder. that may or may not be directly related to the murder but was obviously organized by someone who knew the art was there. Surely if the murderer had intended to steal the works he would not have waited 4 years. It would be interesting to know if Franco actually inherited his father's estate, in which case the artwork would have been his property when it vanished. Insurance fraud could be a possibility.

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    Who cut short the flamboyant lives of famed sculptor Leno Lazzari, 48, and his wife, Louise, 40, is a mystery that has endured for 66 years. The case is cold enough that death has likely put the perpetrator far from the reach of the justice system.

    But getting a satisfying answer for why the Lazzaris were slain, and finding the sculptor's remaining art, has his family on a quest. Lazzari's great-grandson Danilo Lazzari, 37, recently traveled from his home in Munich, Germany, to South Florida. He reviewed police records and even put himself at the spot where his great-grandfather was found dead in his studio off North Federal Highway in Boca Raton all those years ago.

    The murders have haunted his family, Lazzari says, to the point his relatives want to know the information as he gets it... "Each one of us has our own stories, a piece of the puzzle. But we need to see the whole picture."

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    A real puzzle but the jealous husband theory seems the least likely to me. Why not wait and get Leno alone where the wife wouldn't have to be killed? She, after all, was wronged the same as the supposed husband would have been. Was there even any real evidence that he was a philanderer?
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