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    Bobcat attacks Arizona Bar Patrons


    A bobcat wandered into a bar attacking two men and causing patrons to climb atop bar stools. He also got aggressive outside a Pizza Hut and attacked a woman who got out of her car thinking she had hit it with her car.

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    I saw this on the news... I feel bad for those attacked and for the bobcat. By nature, bobs are vicious... I remember my friends grandpa capturing one on his farm... it was one mean wild cat. Thankfully Mr. J was of the nature that he refused to let the wild cat be killed... so he took it to a nature reserve.

    I understand this cat being put down, but still, it makes me sad for everyone, cat included... I hope it wasn't sick.

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    This scares me! Our family went to Colorado over Christmas. My dad and I took a day to go cross country skiing by ourselves. When we got there I saw he had a very large knife on his belt. I asked him why he had it and he replied "bobcats". He proceeded to tell me that they stalk you and when they attack they go for your face to suffocate you before they drag you off and eat you. He was trying to lighten the moment and told me that if I saw one to open up my jacket and flap it and make myself look really big! lol I love my dad!

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    I hope it is mandatory for them to test it for rabies.
    Happy New Years

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    I read that the bobcat unfortunately did test positive for rabies.

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