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    Hmm, Cynthia Gastelle went missing from Silver Spring on April 3rd, 1980. Easter was on April 6th in 1980. Silver Spring is a ~5 mile drive straight down Georgia Ave from Wheaton Plaza. Also, Rte 410 runs thru Silver Spring, and eventually runs into Prince Georges County and into the Northern section of Hyattsville.
    Something else to add to this is that Cynthia Gastelle was found in a wooded area of Haymarket Va, which is right off of route 66 and only a few miles from Manassas Va. Manassas is where MDietz reported seeing the Lyons sisters and Rte66 is the most probable route to take from the Washington DC area to Southern Va areas like Thaxton.
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    It is possible that approaching holiday seasons, moon phases, or specific months or days of the week play a part in homicides of this type and in this area. Many coincidences which may be interrelated.

    Any time that a violent crime such as an abduction or murder has the possibility of a sexual aspect, one has to consider the possiblility that it was perpetrated by a serial offender, and that there are other related cases.

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    heres a pic of her......older, I know, but a certain type......
    Yes, Eileen was older than the Lyon sisters', but she was only 18. She has also been described as petite in stature which means she probably appeared much younger than her actual age. She was young, white, and had long blonde hair. I personally feel that there is a connection to her abduction, being held captive for days, sexually assaulted and then murdered and that of the two Lyon sisters'.

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    Now that Antolin Torres has been found guilty of Sierra Lamar's murder without a body, I am wondering if LLW's defense team is getting worried......

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    Today's North Kensington UK fire/Congressional baseball shooting

    The Lyon sisters technically lived in North Kensington. And a few miles and months away, ShurlT thinks someone tried to abduct her daughters from Congressional Plaza, a few weeks after Paul Lentz was last seen alive leaving his home in Rockville, purportedly headed to a nearby bowling center, possibly (I do not believe it has been made public which one) at Congressional Plaza. And we are only one day removed from the fortieth anniversary of the Oklahoma Girl Scout murders. Could today's North Kensington UK fire/Congressional baseball shooting be recent activity in a death cult also responsible for murders of American children some forty years ago? Perhaps there's a mummery created by causing ridiculous coincidences between the instances of the "rites" of murder which is useful in encouraging the superstitious to join and obey.

    Intuitively, weird creepy coincidences scream conspiracy to me, assuming of course that they aren't just random coincidences. People think conspiracy theories tend to be crazy. But I think it's mainly just the political conspiracies of the elite that (crazy) people tend to excessively believe in. (The evil of some politicians abusing the political power entrusted to them, such as it exists, mostly always seems to be pretty out in the open or at least to have a pretty obvious trail with it if one bothers looking much.) As for conspiracies of nasty people, as serial killers tend to be, I'm inclined to think them less rare in murders and more harmful than commonly appreciated, and that it's worth looking out for bizarre coincidences suggestive of them. The conspiracies, such as exist, probably tend to be very top down since I can't believe there is much room at the top in cult that glorifies domineering, but maybe those enslaved by the cult don't even know hardly the history of it. Person B (and many others) gets molested by Person A in effort to force the former to kill according to some mummery, then Person B (and others) does the same years later to Person C (and others) using a mummery that rhymes in some way, but person C may not even known anything about Person A except in misty outline from shame of Person B in talking about it--that sort of thing is what I am suggesting to the foggy extent I understand what I feel may exist--not totally cult-like in the sense of a stereotypical religious cult like Jonestown, but a good deal that.

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    "...weird creepy coincidences..."
    Ummm... I think the coincidence was they had Cocoa Puffs for breakfast while wearing their tin-foil hats.

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    Gruffin, werent you the person who posted the MacBeth picture and noted that the Queen mother was Elizabeth Bowes Lyons-- possibly a historical connection? Interesting to note that Queen mother was the first monarch of British blood (commoner but British) since the death of King George (who had mental problems) after which Victoria (and her husband Albert) were brought back from Germany to take the British throne, because there were no non-catholic heirs to the throne in Britain. Also interesting is the fact that Harry and William are the first heirs to have British blood on both their mother's and father's side of the family since King George. And, William and Kate's children have the same names, George and Charlotte, as the last King and Queen of British blood, before the Queen Mother. George's wife Charlotte was a grandchild (gen?) of Charles I of Persia (now Iran) and Austria, who settled in Germany after being put out of Iran. And somewhere in the generations is Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, whose assassination started WWI. Amazing trivia! But, does it mean anything???? And Britain seems to be a major target for some reason. The is also a move to make Charles (Carl) a Catholic saint. It was started by someone in Florida. Check it out! Floored me when I got the links. Only questions here, no answers; but how many people today know those facts? This world is crazy today!

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