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    PA - John 'Ricky' Nerone for child abuse, Johnstown, 2009

    CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. -- There are new details about a Johnstown man accused of abusing his 8-week-old son.

    According to the criminal complaint, the child has bleeding on the brain, multiple head fractures, broken ribs and several bruises.

    Johnstown police said it all happened at the hands of 22-year-old John Nerone. He is the baby's father and also a volunteer firefighter in Middle Taylor Township.


    **Also found**

    2008 death of baby re-examined

    Local authorities are re-examining the April 2008 death of John Nerone’s newborn daughter following his Monday arrest on charges he beat his 2-month-old son, The Tribune-Democrat has learned.

    Kylie Nerone, also 2 months, died April 22 at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh.

    Kylie died of severe anoxic brain injury – a lack of oxygen to the brain – said Dr. Ed Strimlan, a forensic investigator for the Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office.

    He said the lack of oxygen could result from “everything from natural to accidental, a plethora.”

    But investigators seeking evidence of a crime in Kylie’s death could be hamstrung by the medical examiner’s findings.

    The autopsy – performed by Medical Examiner Dr. Karl Williams – found the manner of death was due to natural causes.


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    A former Armagh/East Wheatfield Township firefighter who was involved in a series of arson fires a few years ago is on trial in Cambria County for severely beating his infant son, and in opening arguments yesterday, his attorney blamed the mother for the beatings that left the now-1-year-old with severe irreversible brain damage.

    In her opening statement, Cambria County public defender Patricia Moore told the jury that 9-week-old Johnny Nerone was repeatedly and severely beaten by his mother, Sara Nerone, and not by John “Rickey” Nerone.

    A former Middle Taylor Township man was convicted Wednesday night of physically abusing his wife and of shaking and beating his infant son so severely that the child has permanent brain damage.

    John Richard “Ricky” Nerone, 23, closed his eyes momentarily when the first of the guilty verdicts was read...

    During the trial, Sara Nerone testified that her husband had slapped – and at times punched – their son four other times prior to March 30, beginning in February 2009 when the baby was just 3 weeks old. She said that she had been abused by Nerone first in 2007 and then several other times after that...

    a therapist with Beginnings Inc. of Johnstown, who described the physical, occupational and vision therapy the infant receives each week.

    The boy, who has impaired vision as well as brain damage, was determined to be at a 5-month-old developmental level when he turned 1 in February, Domaracki said.

    At the sentencing before Judge Norman Krumenacker yesterday, witnesses detailed a history of crimes committed by Ricky Nerone, beginning with an arson when he was seventeen and living in Indiana County. He later served as a volunteer firefighter. In fact he was still a firefighter when he was accused of taking part in a string of arsons with other defendants in East Wheatfield and West Wheatfield Townships in Indiana County in 2006.
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    The Pennsylvania Superior Court has upheld the conviction and sentence of a western Pennsylvania man spending 12 to 45 years in prison for beating his wife and newborn son, who is now permanently mentally disabled and on a feeding tube.

    John Nerone, 25, of Middle Taylor Township, was sentenced in May 2010 in Cambria County, but only after denying the abuse and blaming it on the boy's mother, who was divorcing him at the time.

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    David Ling, assistant chief of Armagh Volunteer Fire Department in Indiana County, thought something was suspicious about one of his firefighters after a Jan. 2 arson destroyed a century-old barn and killed two Arabian horses.

    State police fire marshal Robert Valyo said Ling reported that 19-year-old firefighter John R. Nerone, among the volunteers who live farthest from the fire station, was one of the first to arrive -- within three minutes of the 4 a.m. alarm...

    According to the arrest affidavit, Nerone initially denied any involvement during a Jan. 4 interview with police. However, court records report that Nerone allegedly admitted his role Jan. 31 after learning that several of his friends he was with earlier that night, including Foster, had implicated him in the fires.

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    How can these stories keep coming. It litterally rips my heart out. While working in the ER Ive seen the evil of people. But everytime I am just shocked. One of the cases I had was a dead 5 year old. 12 adopted kids all abused. The one thing that gets me in a lot of these cases as in my case only the mother was charged. But both parents were in the home. Both should be punished with long enough time that they can not reaffend.
    Poor sweet angels

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