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    TX - Maurice Jones, 34, killed in hit & run, League City, 29 March 2009

    The short, hastily written note found near Maurice Jones' body, left apparently by the hit-and-run driver whose car sent Jones, broken and dying, into a roadside ditch, was "full of remorse," police said.


    http://www.examiner.com/a-1936555~Remorseful_note_near_League_City_hit___run _victim.html

    So, so sad. There is a poster hanging up in my apartment gym looking for details. I hope they find this person. Praying for the family.

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    Police suspect author of hit-and-run note may be a woman.
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    How horrible! The H & R driver may be filled with remorse but not enough to take responsibility for the situation.

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    This person had time to stop, find a pen, hunt down a piece of paper....compose a note. Yet did not summon help for the victim?

    Remorse doesn't matter when the right thing wasn't done in the first place, which would have been to find help. Even if it was too late for the victim, I can't imagine being notified that your loved one has been hit and the driver ran leaving your loved one by the side of the road.

    Makes me shake my head in disgust.
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