Human body parts found in religious temple
The leader of a religious group has been arrested by police after human body parts were found in the cult's temple.
By Nick Evans in Buenos Aires
Last Updated: 3:39PM BST 03 Apr 2009

A human skull, femur, and other bones were found on the altar, and detectives were investigating whether human sacrifices were carried out at the church in Argentina.

Police arrested the 44-year-old priest after allegations that he forced female followers into prostitution to raise money for the Umbanda cult, a spiritualist religious group which has followers throughout South America.


The priest allegedly picked on the most vulnerable of his female congregation and after seducing them, threatened them with divine retribution if they didn't carry out his orders.

A relative of one of the victims realised what was going on and went to the police.

When they raided the temple, officers also found a book detailing the money the women were earning from prostitution, as well as liberating several terrified female followers who are now valuable witnesses.
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