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View Poll Results: Do you think Ms Huckaby acted alone in this crime?

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    Quote Originally Posted by warbuckle View Post
    I was curious about her ex so I search myspace. I found this guy http://www.myspace.com/Huck1127

    please delete if this is not allowed, but it was not private so I figured it was ok for public to view. He is the same age as MH, but it says from TX. He does not look like a very nice dude which could be why he is only allowed 30 mins one a month with his child. I also noticed his log in was 3/19/09. I am not pointing any fingers and feel 100% sure MH is involved, but this person might be worth looking into. My theory is that it is just so rare that a women does this on her own. I think there is a possiblity somone else could be involved and if so then who could that person be.
    warbuckle, I'm pretty sure her ex has remarried and moved KS. There are links to his wife's blog with photos of her and the baby.

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    Tracy Police Concede Its a "Statistical Anomaly" for a Woman to Act Alone in Sandra Cantu Murder
    Created by Brian Shields on 4/16/2009 9:15:27 AM

    TRACY (KRON) -- Tracy police say they're not surprised many people in the community think Melissa Huckaby did not act along when she allegedly killed eight year old Sandra Cantu.

    "We completely understand that there would be speculation about that because it is so unusual that the mother of a child would kill another mother's child," Sgt. Tony Sheneman told KRON 4's Will Tran. "However, we had no indication at the time and still do not that anyone else is responsible for this. If we had any inkling that someone else was involved at any time with the commission of this crime, they would be in custody."

    Many people say they believe a man helped Huckaby in the killing. Sgt. Sheneman concedes this case falls outside what we've been taught to expect in crimes against children.


    "We asked the public to alleviate the concerns of our investigators and to put to bed any fears the community had that someone else could be a victim. So we've gone out to the public and asked anyone to come forward and we've not received any phone calls," Sgt. Sheneman said.


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    Quote Originally Posted by nursebeeme View Post
    Do you think Ms Huckaby acted alone in this? Yes? No? or I don't know?
    Did she - or was she made to - swallow the x-acto blade evidence she used in her drugged out crazed rage? Is her mother insitutionalized? Why no comment on that? Would that make it generational? HA.

    No Pedo Actor acts alone when he or she acts out. Period.

    And LE knows that. However there's the reality of a court case. They don't want any more witch hunts is why.

    That lawyer who put a sympathetic arm around her. I have no regard for legal sweezle that goes that far. Sorry.

    At the very extreme, another person may not be there in person, but very much there in control. Beyond a shadow of a doubt in my mind, she did not act alone. That extreme of insanity also takes a village. Hello.

    As for the impact this sort of exploration has on the court case -it is easier to get a conviction on one person, than a "conspiracy" case. So Melissa gets to be it. And so it goes. Round and round. They need to burn that Tracy House of Death masquerading as a Baptist Church to the ground.

    Smarmy pastor and collusive wife. IMO ONLY. It does not let Wohler off the 6 y.o. kissing hook either. Why are people so single threaded.Has someone asked him if he ever kissed Melissa too? Did this make her jealous of Sandra?

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    It would be interesting if the witness, who spotted the out of place truck and UID male near the irrigation ponds, could ID someone related to MH or the church... based on that sighting.

    I wonder if any parishioners or anyone related to Huckaby has a truck that matches the one spotted by said witness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1000Sparks View Post
    FBI AND LE said there is NO ONE ELSE involved.

    Do you think they lied? Come on, they wouldn't have made that statement.

    That is what I think too. I think people are having a hard time getting around the fact that Melissa raped this little girl with some kind of an object and molested her. It's unusual for a female to do such a thing to a little girl.

    I don't think this rape/murder was planned. Sandra just happened to come along at the wrong time and this female did what she did to her. We have no idea if this is the first time Melissa has raped a child with an object but let the child live. I wonder about her own little girl. I hope she has been taken for an exam just to be sure that she hasn't been messed with.

    I wonder if the suitcase wasn't at the church...maybe Melissa had filled it with craft stuff to decorate her Sunday School room that day and so it was handy. She put Sandra in the suitcase afterward and put the suitcase in her car and drove to the water and threw the suitcase in. I don't see her doing this alone a problem. I don't see her needing anyone else to help do anything.

    Another thing...I am sick to death of hearing...poor so and so..they had such a terrible childhood..all of these things happened to them and so we should take pity on them. It was their upbringing that created this horror.

    I have known a lot of people that had nightmare childhoods and they didn't grow up to rape and murder. They are good people who worked through their problems. They didn't use their childhood as an excuse for everything that they did wrong while growing up or in adulthood. Everytime someone commits a murder there comes the old excuses...the terrible childhood. To darn bad.
    Suffer the consequences of your actions and stop using your childhood as an excuse for doing terrible things to others. I'm sure we will hear all about Melissa's poor horrible childhood that drove her to do what she did to Sandra.

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    I voted "I don't know"

    I have an 8 y/o daughter who weighs 80 pounds. I can barely carry her when she "helps" me (i.e. wraps her legs around me). When she is "dead weight" (i.e. sleeping and I try to carry her to bed), I cannot do it. I'm not sure how MH moved the body. This is the part where I think she had help.

    Has a cause of death been released?

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    I voted YES, she acted alone..

    Had she had help from someone, we'd hear it by now...no, she and she alone brutally raped and murdered precious Sandra...Sandra's justice is on it's way..

    Rest in Peace Sandra, the monster who harmed you will harm no more.
    Soar high with the angels, sweetheart...rest your weary soul for justice in your name is happening..

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    She acted alone ,however,I think she may have committed the sexual assault and murder to 'impress' (therefore possibly filmed or photographed it)an 'online boyfriend' or 'real'bf.
    I think shes a sick & sad individual & seems like the women we've been hearing more & more about who indulge in a sick,pedophiliac online life sharing their fantasies with male pedophiles & exchanging pictures etc I fear for her own daughter & other possible victims(of which I believe there is more).
    Slightly o/t but when will the media quit refering to MH as a sunday school teacher?She was not/is not/never was!!!!!!!!!! This crime is horrific enough why make it more salacious?
    The saints are the sinners who keep trying...

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    if she had help, why not sell out her partner when she plead guilty?

    i wonder if this thread is just because we cant accept a woman could do this without male help/motivation

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    I had to vote that she acted alone. What are the odds that there was yet another demented person acting with her? This is such an unusual crime for a woman to commit that I don't believe that she let anyone else know about her perversions. If there was a man involved at all, I would think that she would have blamed that person at the drop of a hat.
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    I know I am very late to this, and I am a very new member here. But I have spent the last 2 days reading all about this case, the court transcripts, the grand jury testimony.

    Yes I believe she acted alone. She is one sick puppy.

    The only question I have is.....How did her grandmother, who was at the home at the time, not notice her luring SC away from there?

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