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View Poll Results: How will MH plead at her arraignment April 14?

103. You may not vote on this poll
  • Guilty

    11 10.68%
  • Not Guilty

    38 36.89%
  • Not guilty by reason of insanity

    46 44.66%
  • Other/don't know

    8 7.77%

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    How will MH plead?

    How will MH plead? Thank you for your pick. Please keep in mind I have no law background. Per TripleA's request.

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    We need a poll on "How will MH plead"?

    I am thinking either straight guilty or not guilty by reason of insanity. Any word on an attorney yet?

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    Considering she went for insanity for stealing from Target or some such place and refused to admit documents pertaining to that had the 'wrong Melissa' on them - I think it's safe to say "not guilty".
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    Not Guilty.

    Not Guilty by reason of Insanity?

    However, I hope her public defender does the right thing which is to take a deal. Guilty, LWOP, and no trial so Sandra's family doesn't have to go through it. (sigh)

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    Quote Originally Posted by arielilane View Post
    Per TripleA's request.
    Wow, rarely does anyone even listen to me, let alone take a suggestion from me. lol

    Thanks, great idea for a poll if I do say so myself.
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    I vote guilty. Her goose is cooked. She's not going to be able to prove any sort of insanity due to being able to be room mother, sunday school teacher, loving caring mother, plus her own dad says she's not crazy, just has emotional problems after her divorce. If a psychiatrist didn't declare Casey crazy surely one won't consider this one to be.

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    I believe she will plead not guilty unless they offer to take the Death penalty off for a guilty plea.

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    I voted "not guilty by reason of insanity". If it's true that she tried this plea on a charge of theft (from the post by Meagain), it seems more than reasonable that she could try it again for a more serious charge?

    Has she been diagnosed as bipolar or any other psychiatric "label" that we know of yet?

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    Great poll! This is gonna interesting... I say guilty, by reason of insanity. I don't think she meets the criteria though.

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    I voted "not guilty." I don't think she's insane because of her extensive actions to cover what she did. I just think she's evil...but unfortunately I don't think she can plead "evil."

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    I think she'll have a hard time floating a not guilty by reason of insanity in front of the court because of her coverup and her misleading the LE and contacting Sandra's family by note (I think the last one still might be a rumor).

    Maybe temporary insanity? The problem with a Lawyer pleading her that way is that it will be so hard to support with what we've seen already.

    I think it will be definately "not guilty". This is something I'm going to have to think about for a while before I cast a vote. It's 7 am and I need to have coffee and to think about how in the world can a lawyer come up with a defense? This is a hard one.
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    Even though I think you would have to be insane to do what she is accused of I don't think she should have the option to chose insanity because she tried to cover-up what she did. I was wondering though. If Melissa were to take some sort of plea deal does that mean the intimate details of the case would not come out? Would the media and general public be clued in on all of the details of what happened at the church, like would we ever know if Sandra was drugged, Some questions I have would be answered only at trial right?

    Then I think, if she does plea out then Sandra's family would not have to sit through a trial with this monster and have everything rehashed again and again. I am sorry but ultimately I vote for whatever is least painful for the Cantu family and most painful for the accused.

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    Has she hired a lawyer yet? Or does she just have an appointed one.
    I have been sick the past several days over this. On the verge of tears and very ill and disconnected towards my partner. I must get a grip! LOL!

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    I keep voting "I don't know" in all the polls about MH. How helpful. Although I shouldn't be, I'm still in complete shock that not only a woman, but a SS teacher and mother is accused of this crime. I just can't get my head around it to form an opinion.

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    I expect today will be the standard 'not guilty' plea. When a defense lawyer sees that MH had been ordered to participate in a county mental health program, the defense will be not guilty by reason of insanity, IMO. Perfect setup.
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    Eventually, guilty in some sort of "diminished capacity" plea, in return for the death penalty being taken off the table, but with life in prison without parole.

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