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    Posting tables in BBcode

    I've got some data that I'd like to display in multi-collumn table form in the forum, but I'm having trouble finding a good way to do it. Lists don't quite work for what I'd like to do, and HTML is turned-off (not that I'm suggesting turning it on-- there's a host of security issues with that)

    The link for your BBcode reference isn't working, but I've found various forms of a [table] tag elsewhere-- but as you can see it doesn't seem to work here.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or pointers? I suppose I could go to images, and post that way-- it's just more work. Has anyone seen any threads that have tables in them? I can steal the BBcode from them, if I know where to look.


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    No code has to be inserted here.

    Testing to see if this works now. It does - very cool.

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    That's cool. Sample is typically geeky, but very cool.
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