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    CA - Two killed in Long Beach hospital shooting, 16 April 2009

    Shooting Reported at Long Beach Hospital

    A possible murder/suicide attempt Thursday at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center has left at least one person dead and two other seriously injured, according to reports.


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    My mom works in an ER in downtown Kansas City (they offer free or discounted healthcare for the poor, so it's called the poor mans hospital). It's in a seedy part of the city and I always worry about things like this happening there. A couple of years ago a gang member (I guess?) got shot, then a ton of his friends and enemies showed up at the hospital and started fighting. They pulled out guns and a security guard got shot and a medic too, I think. They both lived, and luckily the windows to the ER waiting room were bullet resistant. After that they were changed to bulletproof.

    Another time a guy came in with a knife and was running down the hallway with the security guard chasing him. My mom was standing in the path and the guard said "STOP HIM". My mom was like, "Um, sorry, but no!"

    Anyway, she has stories for days. I don't think most people know how dangerous hospitals can be.

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