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    Baby nearly drowns in bathtub



    Around lunch time, a grandmother was bathing her 10-month-old grandson, who family members tell us is Jorge Garcia. Authorities say the baby was in the water with the water running when the grandmother, who identified herself to Eyewitness News as Eva Galicia, was distracted. Authorities say it had only been a moment, but when Galicia checked on the baby, he had already been submerged in the water.
    WHY, WHY, WHY does this keep happening?????
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    We are all just trying to make sense of an unimaginable crime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lovejac View Post


    WHY, WHY, WHY does this keep happening?????

    Because there are a lot of ignorant people out there?

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    awww glad the baby is ok. In my house, we have a rule to never leave a baby in the tub. I don't care if the phone rings, house starts on fire, baby comes with me. Of course she is 20 months now, but the clumsy little girl who wont even sit in the tub so bath time last just as quick as i can wash her. Anyways why can't people talk about dangers around the house and be aware of them.. And follow rules. It seems like alot of people dont want to be remind on how to watch a baby.

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