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    I was re-reading the statement analysis above and noticed where I had failed to bold my comment. Here is what it should read:

    His response was “just get word to me without letting me know it is you.” I asked him how could I do that from inside here. He said “you smart, you can figure a way.” I told him that he wasn’t very informed about information coming in or going out. There was no way for me to contact him without incriminating myself. Again, a truthful statement. He seemed to except that. I could tell you, but I don’t think you would be able to keep me as a source without revealing who I am and where you got the information. Am I right? “I could tell you"?—what? Where’s the object? Where the bodies are? "Am I right?""- that if I tell you what I know you would have to reveal where you got the information?
    He says "There was no way for me to contact him without incriminating myself." That's a straight-forward statement and I believe that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Missouri Mule View Post
    I wasn't aware I was shooting anyone's view down. I welcome any and all "new thinking" regarding this case.

    I don't have any ironclad theory that fits all the facts. What I have said, and what I do believe is that someone, at some time, has put all the facts together perfectly. We just don't know what it is or if it can be proven. After all Einstein labored long in the vineyards of thought before he perfected his General Theory of Relativity. And it was not until it was conclusively proven several years later that he overturned Newton's gravitational theory that had been accepted for two hundred years.

    Let's discuss the various theories:

    1) Cox did it. If so, how did he keep his DNA/forensics out of the house?

    2) The "burglars did it. If so how did they keep their DNA/forensics out of the house?

    3) A random killer(s) did it? Possible, although we have no evidence.

    4) A serial murderer? If so, why would he come to this home?

    5) Drug trade? If so, were any of the women tied to such an enterprise?

    6) Jealousy? One of the girls may have locked horns with another. Any evidence of this? Surely one of the classmates may have some information.

    7) One or more of the 18? Don't know. Didn't interview them.

    8) One or more of the people who entered the home in that two month period? Possible.

    9) Some "motorcycle gang?" Police say no; specifically the "Galloping Gooses."

    10) Some mysterious "concrete workers?" Possibly, some reports say so.

    11) Some mysterious "businessman behind a big desk with wing tipped shoes?" Could be. The lead detective claimed he looked at all the suspects to see what kind of shoes they wore.

    12) The women just ran off the start new lives? Could be, but they have never been seen and left everything behind.

    13) The women were abducted for the "sex trade" and carted off to some third word country. Possible but no evidence of such.

    14) The grave robbing theory? Plausible but the chief evidently ruled them out.

    15) Relatives? We don't know but we do know that relatives have a high percentage of crimes toward other relatives.

    16) "Space Aliens?" Unlikely, since we know that matter cannot exceed the speed of light and the nearest star is four light years away. Would require "worm holes" to go vast distances in the universe since there are no habitable planets in our own solar system. Highly unlikely.

    If anyone can think of any other theories, I'd be interested.
    Since these are the same questions that have been asked several times and every likes to side-step around them, I would like to take a stab at them. (Now that I am caught up on the case and on Cox.)

    1. He had formal military training. He also had made several other "mistakes" at this point. It seemed that he learned overtime what to do and what not to do. It is actually extremely easy to keep your DNA/forensics out of someone's home and car. You can Google it and get all kinds of ways.

    2. Once again we can thank Google for this. If you want to know how to do something, you can definitely find the hows and whys on anything!

    3. While I hate to think that they are no longer with us, there is no proof saying that they are not.

    4. A serial murderer would mean that this case has been linked to another one somewhere. I haven't read where it has. Is this even a true possibility?

    5. Drugs? Was this a known drug area? Was the mother or the girls known to do drugs?

    6. When girls fight, there is some type of evidence. There would be no way that one girl could overpower the mother and another girl at the same time. Since the mother had a hard time sleeping, would she not normally have still been awake when the girls had arrived home?

    7. Have no idea what you are trying to ask.

    8. Since the just moved in, if Cox had done the work for whatever services they used, would his fingerprints not still be somewhere? Even if it's not him, there would have been fingerprints that would not have been ruled out. I have seen when the cable and stuff is installed, they touch all kinds of things.

    9. Ok, I am going to dismiss the Motorcycle Gang theory. When was the last time a Motorcycle Gang just took 3 women and no one knew.

    10. If there were workers in the area, then someone knows who they were. At least the company. Could these be some of the list that has already been eliminated?

    11. Apparently they have clues that they are bypassing. Was this area known for door-to-door salespeople?

    12. You said what I was thinking.

    13. The girls are believable but not so much the Mother.

    14. Doubtful.

    15. It seems as if there were problems between the Mother and the relationships with her children. It seems that those same problems existed with the brother and sister too. Maybe this was just not a healthy relationship because they never learned any differently.

    16. Ok, I like that one.

    I do have to say that this does not seem like something Cox is capable of doing. First, he was closer in age to the Mother than the girls. So would he not have tried to befriend the Mother instead? I know his case in TX was with a minor, but before then he always picked someone close to his own age. He has always left evidence in the past. Even if the police dropped the ball and couldn't really use it, it kind of sucks cause I am from Florida and really embarrassed right now. I guess that is the exciting part of technology, the use of evidence is more sophisticated and is no longer "suspectible"

    I agree that I think Cox is leading the police on. The constant changes in his handwriting shows that. Not just the word content but the constant change in the way his writing slants from one side to the other. He says he works the area but did not work anywhere by there.

    There is one thing I would like to know. Why was the agent that visited Cox an ATF agent? Apparently they are looking at him for more than we think. Also, in his letter he mentions several officers from Springfield PD. I know some of them are the same ones we are trying to work with on my sisterinlaw's case and they are the same one's that don't talk to us. So how "good" are these guys?

    Sorry, I'll stop ranting. I just wanted to put in my two cents.

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    For what it's worth, the crime scene was so corrupted by the family and friends that much forensic evidence might well have been destroyed. It is most likely in my view that the house and/or the property around it were the site of the abduction but not of any subsequent sexual assault or murder. For all we know, the perpetrator(s) had been in the house. Gloves would take care of fingerprints, etc., which would be the thing most abductors would worry about if the intended to move to a second crime site. So the lack
    of forensic evidence, e.g., DNA, is not a surprise to me.

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    It amazes me how, after all these years, we still come back to Robert Craig Cox in this case. And why? Because he was working in the area at the time, has a similar criminal history, and made some vague statements as to possible knowledge of the crime? Statements which he has never elaborated on or substantiated? Some tips from callers that have come to me tried to justify the RCC angle by qualifying his military intelligence training and lone-wolf personality. Good points, but then I have to ask how he would really tie in with other suspects if he only has knowledge of the crime if he is such a lone wolf. Guys like that are typically arrogant and rarely involve themselves with others, being the first to spill the beans to save his own arse, so to speak. The statement about self-incrimination? Heck, any clever sociopath trying to save face when he has nothing more to offer would make this statement. RCC is nothing more than an inconvenient wrench thrown into this whole scenario, creating tunnel vision and seeking answers in the wrong direction. If we eliminate Cox, yes, the suspect pool narrows much, but even then, I don’t think the right suspects are yet on that list. However, the trend of tunnel vision in this case has to stop. I feel that this trend, aside from the contaminated crime scene and investigative faux pas, are what have made this case impossible to solve. The truth is right in front of us, and the motive is not as complicated as many would like to believe, but it is denial and the unwillingness to see this truth and go in a slightly different direction, rather than overcomplicating the matter, that will bring us into year 21 and beyond.
    Criminals are curious creatures. You can either allow yourself to become jaded by their existence and their actions, or you can become and educated person, delving into the psychology of the matter to learn how these evil minds work, what motivates them, and how we, as decent human beings, can understand this concept, accept it, and battle the evil around us.
    The above is my own original quote. All posts are my opinion only, unless I can substantiate facts. I tolerate no plagiarism, no rumors, and no flaming/harassment.

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