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    Iowa man cut pacemaker from dad's chest

    Odd anyone?

    MANCHESTER, Iowa (AP) - Authorities in northeast Iowa say a man faces charges accusing him of cutting a pacemaker out of his father's chest.

    The Delaware County sheriff's office says in a statement Sunday that 32-year-old Jesse Fierstine of Manchester struck his 63-year-old father, Charles Fierstine, on the head with a flashlight and a piece of firewood Saturday, then cut the pacemaker from his chest using a pocketknife.
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    Thankfully the older gentleman lived... My guess would be that this man's son (the one accused), has had some serious mental problems prior to the fact. He might have thought that the pacemaker was recording his moves, or robbing his thoughts, etc. kinda like the tin foil hat group of thinkers.

    If he was just angry with his dad and wanted to take his life, it seems he might have just beaten him, rendered him unconscious, and then used the knife to make sure that he would not live through it. The fact that he went for the pacemaker kind of leads me to think that the accused had some "mental" issue with it in particular.

    I wonder if anyone who will be reading this site will know the family and will know if the accused has had mental problems.


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    This is indeed very bizzare. He must have mental problems but we can never be sure if he was just angry at his dad and wanted to kill him and chose a strange way to do it.

    He is being charged with attempted murder.

    I'm very happy his dad lived.


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    Glad he's in the pokey and his dad's ok.
    Oh, and I hope he gets some psychological help while he's in there...
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    So very odd! he must have been ill glad pops is doing ok!
    Find Brian Shaffer!!

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