Another year, another Mother's Day. I got my haircut and I was given a Rose for Mother's Day. I received a new office chair and I'm sure tomorrow I will end up with more gifts, hugs, kisses and wishes for a Happy Mother's Day.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and Janet's mom, Mrs. Christiansen will not be receiving a card, a telephone call, a hug from two of her daughters. One daughter Gaynelle, died due to Leukemia, another daughter, Janet was brutally murdered in her Durham, North Carolina home.

Janet was a mother. It was a hard pregnancy due to the fact that her husband had an affair and had left her and moved in with another woman. Janet continued on with her pregnancy alone, with her doubts of being able to be a good mother, yet she made sure she took care of herself while carrying her child in spite of the stress of her crumbled marriage and she grew to love her son sight unseen.

Janet and her husband, Raven got back together shortly before she had her child. She had doubts about the marriage still, but took her marriage vows seriously and wanted to bring her child into the world and vowed to make her marriage work, despite....his ways.

On October 17, 2004 Janet gave birth to her son, Kaiden. She loved her son so much. Kaiden put the spark back in her eyes. She knew when she had him she was going to be a good mother and she was going to do everything to be the best Mom she could be. Kaiden was her love, her life.

On April 26, 2005 she was coldly, calculatingly, brutally murdered in her home. A few weeks short of being able to celebrate her first year as a Mother. On Mother's day of 2005, Kaiden was 7 months old and Janet did not receive a card, a flower, a hug or a kiss. Kaiden has been robbed of the opportunity to give his Mommy a card, a kiss a hug and tell her Happy Mother's Day. Mrs. Christiansen was robbed of hearing Janet say "Happy Mother's Day Mom!"

To know that Janet was carrying another child, Kaiden's little baby brother or sister, is even more heartbreaking.

I like everyone else was upset to hear that Raven was remarrying, but as an afterthought, I figured at least Kaiden would have a Mommy figure, in his life, to make a card for.

Since we heard that Raven is no longer in this relationship, it's another year that Kaiden will not have anyone to hug or kiss and say Happy Mother's Day to. I'm sad for Kaiden, but realize that Vanessa and her daughter are in a safer place without Raven in their lives and I hope they have a Happy Mother's Day.

This Mother's Day please say a prayer for all the Mother's that are missing their children and all children that are missing their Mother's.

Janet, I'm so sorry you never got to have your first Mother's Day. Please send a hug your Mom's way and Kaiden's way and watch over them.