Joy Hayward was 28 yrs old when she was murdered. She had been staying with her boyfriend at his co-workers house when they got into a big fight. Joy left, took her cell phone and her boyfriends (Mike) with her and checked into Day's Inn. After checking in she left and was not seen again until 90 minutes later when she returned. It is not known where she went during those 90 minutes. THe hotel clerk said he say a black male follow her into the elevator. A short time later the clerk gets a call from Joy who says that she has a situation and needs help then the line went dead. Unbelievably the clerk did not do anything and Joy's body was found 12 hours later in her bathtub. She had been strangled to death.

Joy's cell phone was missing as was her boyfriend's. Joy's sister called the cell phone and a man answered then shortly hung up.

DNA from the scene is from a black male.

Her family is desperatly trying to find out who killed Joy and in a story we have heard all to often do not seem to be getting a whole lot of support from LE.