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    TX - Houston, Living Female Amnesia Victim, May'09 - Name withheld

    Do You Know This Woman?

    Woman With No Memory Of Identity Believed To Have Been Assaulted

    POSTED: Wednesday, May 20, 2009
    UPDATED: 4:22 pm CDT May 20, 2009

    HOUSTON -- Houston police asked for the public's help on Wednesday to identify a woman believed to be the victim of an assault, KPRC Local 2 reported.

    The woman was found walking along the 6000 block of San Felipe during the early-morning hours of May 3. She suffered several minor head injuries and may have been assaulted.
    Officials said she has no memory of who she is or where she lives, and may suffer from amnesia.
    She was released from the hospital after weeks of treatment.

    ~~~~More info at link

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    can't they check recent hospital records for assault victims? or for hospital staff that might recognize her?
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    She remembers walking a black and brown dog named "Bones" before the incident that led to her amnesia:


    I posted an ad on the lost and found section of Houston Craigslist. If someone can find Bones and he or she is microchipped or has a collar tag with a vet's name, it could lead to not only the dog's ID but the woman's as well.

    As I said in the ad, if someone has access to Houston papers from May 3rd (the date she was found) onward and can check "found" classifieds for dogs of this description it would help. LE should also check all local shelters/rescues and even reports of dogs that were reported killed by cars. My guess is Bones still had a leash when he/she was found.

    The ad URL:
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    She has been identified as a woman from New Mexico who had recently moved to Houston for a new job. Her family called HPD today:

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    Thank you, Barb. I edited my "lost dog" ad to reflect the fact that the woman has been ID'd in case someone finds her dog Bones.

    Best wishes for a full recovery of her memories to this woman!

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    This is a great article about a Houston man who saw a car with a basket of laundry inside sit for days, then weeks, in the parking lot of the bookstore where he worked. He did everything he could to report it to LE and then when the woman's story became public, called in the tip about the car. LE searched the car and found her I.D. inside!


    And more good news, a woman rescued Bones from traffic the same day the amnesia victim showed up at the medical clinic! He was a rat terrier and will be reunited with his owner.


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    I am so glad she has been identified and it looks like her dog will soon be returned to her. I wonder if she has regained any of her memory.

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    That is so refreshingly happy an ending to her story! Family reunites with her, and somebody finds her dog and returns him to her. Wow. Considering the grim and tragic ways so darn many of these cases wind up, this makes me so gladhearted.

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