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    Dog meat used in hot dogs

    Two directors of a Belgian meat wholesaler have been arrested after dog meat was found in hot dogs around Europe.

    More than 20,000 kilos of hot dogs were seized by food inspectors during a routine visit to the company's headquarters in Brussels.

    Health and safety officials have notified neighbouring countries that sausages sold by the firm involved are not fit for human consumption.

    Several thousand of the dog food contaminated hot dogs have turned up in Holland, according to the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority.

    Checks are being carried out to see in what other countries the hot dogs may have been sold.

    The Federal Food Agency in Belgium has confirmed the meat used in the hot dogs was intended for use in the dog food industry.

    More fron Ananova

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    it's probably more flaverful that rodent hairs, bug parts, and animal droppings allowed ( in small percentages) in hot dogs. the comedian steve carlin (i believe ) did a take off on this many years ago. i've never quite enjoyed a hot dog since. ..........http://www.centralhudsonlab.com/buns.shtml...... and that's only the buns!

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