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    Ring found after 45 years

    Ann Cummings got a surprise gift for her 50th wedding anniversary: the engagement ring she lost 45 years ago. But exactly how it resurfaced remained a mystery.

    "I never thought I'd see that ring again," said the 69-year-old woman.

    When she lost the ring, she scoured her home and even consulted a radio psychic, who told her it was under a tree in the yard.

    "I made my husband buy me a metal detector," said Cummings, who dug holes all over the yard in a search of the ring, featuring a square-cut diamond with a smaller diamond on either side set in platinum on a band of gold.

    Cummings said she often thought about the lost ring, especially as she prepared for her anniversary party.

    As the couple's daughter, Theresa Earhart, opened greeting cards left at Saturday's party, she "came across a plain white envelope, folded."

    "I could tell there was no card inside," Earhart said

    But she found a ring. Her mother doesn't know who left it, and she says she doesn't care.
    "It never entered my mind that someone had picked up the ring," she said. "I just thought it was lost. ... We have decided that whoever returned it is an angel."


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    Maybe there is still hope for me finding my missing earing. Although I suspect, my hubby vaccumed it up!

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    Mrs. Mush~ at least your hubby vacuums!

    Was it an expensive earring??

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    Maybe there is hope for me too. I put my wedding and engagement rings someplace "safe" when I was pregnant because they were too tight. I haven't seen them since. I can't remember where the someplace safe was. I've looked everywhere I can think of. My hubby bought me new ones for our anniversary a year after our daughter was born. They are much nicer than the originals, but I still want those back!

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