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    Thumbs up Three Oklahomans forensic pioneers & Tulsa PD To Be Model Agency For Missing/UIDs

    Oklahomans pioneered both the art and science of missing-persons investigations.

    When human remains are found, investigators try to match the remains with the missing.

    A forensic anthropologist drafts a physical biography of the deceased, trying to provide such characteristics as age, race, gender and height.

    From there, a forensic artist attempts to put a face on the faceless. Using clay in place of muscle and skin, the artist reconstructs the dead.

    And when missing-persons cases turn cold and weeks stretch into years, a forensic artist tries to show how that person might have aged — sketching what a child would look like as an adult, what an adult might look like after decades have passed.

    Most major investigations in the United States in the last half-century have called on three Oklahomans who are pioneers in these fields.


    When someone is reported missing in Tulsa:

    1. Police try to find the person at all of the places he or she frequents and talk to people the person knows.

    2. Officers try to determine whether foul play is involved or whether the missing person’s physical or mental condition indicates a potential danger to his or her welfare.

    3. A description of the missing person is broadcast over the police radio.

    4. Police complete a report, and the case is entered over the National Crime Information Center computer system.

    5. The missing-persons case is assigned to a detective.

    6. Police conduct 60- and 90-day updates to verify that the person is still missing and that the case is still in the National Crime Information Center’s computer system.

    http://www.tulsaworld.com/news/artic...1_DrClyd797764 (Bolded by me)

    No wonder they can't find anyone missing from Tulsa!! Did you see that list above?! Honestly, I would believe it is all they do to find someone here currently. It is good to see they are changing the way they deal with these cases. Something needed to be done!!

    A list of 33 Missing from Tulsa (only a fraction of our missing):

    Please take the time to read this article, too! Tulsa LE wants to be the model agency that other departments copy! It is good news!!:

    Chances are, the skeletal remains of at least one of Tulsa's missing persons sit unidentified somewhere in a medical examiner's office or buried in an unmarked grave.

    For decades, the lack of a uniform state and nationwide system to match unidentified remains with missing people has prevented some families from learning that their missing loved one has died.

    "There have been so many advances in technology, but most agencies don't have the systems in place to take advantage of it to close cases," said Sgt. Mike Huff, who supervises the Tulsa Police Department's Homicide Unit and missing-persons investigations.

    "What is sitting in every evidence room and medical examiner's office across the country is golden," Huff said.


    Stege said he hopes that the International Association of Cold Case Investigators can help provide better training and better communication among investigators. The nonprofit group brings together law enforcement officers, medical professionals, forensic scientists, educators and victims' families.

    Although Tulsa police are making efforts to change their approach to missing-persons cases, they can't do it alone, Huff said.

    "Sometimes you just wish you could shut down the plant and reorganize, but these cases just keep coming in," he said.

    "When we get done, we want to be the model. We want to take the best from everybody else, and thank them for it, and then we want to be the model that other departments copy."


    A quote spray painted on the wall by search
    and rescue workers, Team 5, at the OKC Bombing site 4-19-1995.

    What I post are my opinions only.

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    This is great! It should certainly be a model for how missing person's cases should be handled all over the country. I especially like #6 on the above list.

    There should be a uniform state and nation wide system in place. I cannot understand why there isn't.

    Tulsa, Okla. investigators - - lead the way!
    Thoughts and prayers for the people of Paris and all of France!

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