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    Melissa's Computer

    According to this report (unsubstantiated), searches were found on MH's computer that detail a very similar case in Israel of a little girl who was killed, put in a suitcase and dumped in a river.



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    This was discussed on Jane VMitchell 5/26/2009. Another link should be available soon. Kat started a JVM thread for today.


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    this is one of the issues that isnt clear to me. What connection does huckaby have to that grandfather. I read somewhere that there is one.

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    also, did they find a connection to child porn on the pc? Thats not clear to me either. I have just read a lot of speculation.

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    i think this is all speculation at this point right now mijoh....they are keeping a tight lid on everything! which i think is great! i think it's more respectful to Sandra's family that we don't know all the gory details. don't need to really, just need to follow along to make sure Sandra gets justice!

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